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Saves aren't saving?

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So I created a legal living dex on PHKeX everything was working ok

When I go to save as per usual it prompts me to select a place within my file manager to save and name the save. I do so and hit save and it uploads a PK7 file although it never updates the title on the app itself but instead continues to read as "blank save" when I open up another window in PKHeX and attempt to load in the previously saved file it doesn't load anything.

I'm thinking that maybe im not saving this in the correct way. 

If someone could help me on this it would be awesome!

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2 minutes ago, theSLAYER said:

load an existing save first. You can't save "saves" from the default blank save PKHeX loads into the window.

 So, I'm testing that out now with a .main file that I downloaded from this site to use as a reference.

Although I'm finding that when I go to save this file immediately that it is automatically saving as "001 - Bulbasaur - 1081CE983725.pk7" maybe I'm attempting to save wrong... I'm going through File--> Save PKM

But I have also noticed that the file that I created on my own doesn't allow for the "Export SAV" option 

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1 minute ago, theSLAYER said:

drag a save into PKHeX.

So when i save the file as the "001 - Bulbasaur - 1081CE983725.pk7" and i open a new window and drag the save into PKHeX it only saves the Bulbasaur (so i can't get it to save the other pokemon in each of the 32 boxes) and even though I have dragged the save into the new PKHeX window it still doesn't allow me to access the Export SAV option... 

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