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  1. Do people have to search the thread for the codes they want or is someone collecting them all and keeping them in one convenient location? should the latter be the case I'd like some directions. In addition to the legitimate event pokemon codes, I suppose I've become interested in the wild shiny code (one that would work on a Victini hiding in a tower) and a wild nature modifier. If I can get directions to those that would be great.
  2. Sorry, I've been offline for awhile. Was there any headway on the event codes? I don't need the Celebi or the crown beasts. I can clone the ones that I put on my SoulSilver (through the actual events) and relocate them. Just the non-breedable 4 legendaries. Victini (liberty pass), Genesect, Meloetta, and Keldeo. Any help or directions is fine.
  3. You're boned dude. You gotta start over, and you gotta like it. That area is way too specific to make a code for it. You're in a building, which means escape rope, fly, dig, and teleport are all useless. But I'll admit I'm no code writer so maybe it is possible, but I do believe that given the circumstances of your situation its highly unlikely. In my opinion you're better off starting over.
  4. Well crap. If 3 people can't make saves using AR DSi Micro, then I don't think they were made to. WHich is weird. Now how do I save my file? Is there a device that can take the save off my game cart and put in on a flash drive or something?
  5. Ah, so that is it. I did not know that. Well, thats a bummer. But hey, I manage to get 3/4 drives. Are the ones you get based on your game or are they random? Also I've seen a liberty pass code here and there however they're all too long (probably the same one), to be the right ones. I mean, its like trying to copy and paste my old book reports from school into the coding window. Anyone know where to find a better one? I figured it'd be easier to find this event over the others as its already been released. Although I still need to find a means of getting Time Travel Celebi to my white without the relocator. Can't wait to find that code too. Also, anyone know how to update the firmware on the AR DSi Micro (the one with a micro sd card slot)? I tried following the instructions on codejunkies.com but it didn't work. I wanna be able to make a save file for my white version before I start over again because I have what is in my opinion one of the best teams I've ever created.
  6. That code for the Genesect, the one that goes in box 8 slot 1, it did indeed activate the event but aren't you supposed to get all 4 drives from the scientist. Its like this. I took the Genesect that I got from the code (already equipped with the shock drive) to the P2 lab and battled the Scientist, and whooped him. However he only gave me the Chill Drive and the Aqua Drive. WHere did the Flare Drive go?
  7. But it has to say you caught it at level 40 doesn't it? Also I want to be able to breed the starters and Zorua so that I can get good trades once the Global link is up. I also have another question to code-editors and hackers out there. Now that I've beaten alder (and technically, the game) legitimately, I now want to go through the game from the start again however I don't want to delete my first save from the game card. I have an ARDS that can use a Micro SD card to copy save files (like I did for platinum) but for some reason I can't do so with my White version (or my SoulSilver). Other than the fact that I might need to update the ARDS that has this function I don't know how to solve or get around this. Any Ideas?
  8. Seeing as how its going to be awhile before the event codes I desire come to surface, I suppose I should try to get my hands on some other codes. Please point me to where I can find the following codes for white: 1. Wild PKMN Manipulator (cause for some reason codejunkies doesn't want you breeding with their codes) also, was there a code that had a built in level manipulator? I'm not waiting to trade for someone's tornadus to get landarus. 2. Wild Nature Modifier. 3. Shiny Marking Code 4. Complete TM/HM code. I've seen hiccups with this one around the forum so I think this one might not be up yet. I believe all these codes have been posted around this forum, I just can't search every effing page for them. Too lazy. Here's another problem I'm having. I used a code to obtain the Lock Capsule on my SoulSilver, but the Relocator does not register it when I try to get it into my white version. Anyone have a clue as to why this may be? The code made the dude in the mart give it to me, which is about as legit as it gets. In case you're wondering why I'm so determined to find these event codes, its because I think its bogus that Nintendo makes it so that the best stuff in the game can only be obtained within a limited time frame. also I don't want to have to buy another DS just so I can do this stuff legitimately by myself, although it appears I might have to. Thanks in advanced for the help. You guys deserve it.
  9. Its gonna be awhile before all the event codes are up and running huh? From what I've gathered, here are the events that needed transferring from generation 4: Crown Beasts, Time Travel Celebi. Lock Capsule (which has yet to be released) There are also 4 other event pokemon out within the game, although only one has been made accessible, Victini. Keldo, Genesect, and Meloetta Are still out there, and I'm looking for them, although I suspect it will be awhile. I'd prefer it to be actual events codes (the guy in the pokemart gives them to you), but I'll grab what I can for now. If anyone knows where to find these event codes to work for the US White version you have my thanks. The other billion or so codes don't concern me as much right now.
  10. How do I go about finding the request forum? I'd like to keep an eye out here for the remaining codes, as I have a mac which can't operate pokesav, and pokegen I'm assuming(tell me if I'm wrong). But if the liberty pass code is out there then I want to go look for it.
  11. I'm looking for the event codes. The ones that unlock the Liberty Pass, the Celebi to get Zorua, the legendary dog trio codes to unlock Zoroark, and the Lock Capsule to unlock TM 95. The others will help too, cause I know there's at least 3 other event pokemon out there. Anyone know where to find these codes for the US White version, if they've been made at all yet? The rest of the codes don't concern me as of now.
  12. Gah!! I suck at making codes without Pokesav. Same goes for converting too. Riolu, any chance you could convert this Time Travel Celebi Code to work like a real event? You know, where the guy in green hands it over. For those who could care less either way, take this one. Time Travel Celebi (L+R) Box 18 Slot 1 I tried to make it identical to the actual event as best as I could, but god knows I missed something. Did the Nature Modifier make it out yet?
  13. Riolu: So if I created a Pokesav code for the Time Travel Celebi that put it in Slot 1 of Box 18 and then replaced the first 4 lines of coding with the ones you posted, It'll appear at the pokemart, or will something else happen? Because I want to get this right before I start messing with real stuff. I already tried that on a Shaymin code I found somewhere and now nothing happens (although I'm starting to think I may have erased more than I should have). Shadow Dragon: When I asked if the Lock Capsule was figured out, I was hoping for things like concrete proof or facts, etc. I know that people speculate that the Lock Capsule works with Gen 5, but thats just speculation. It doesn't really matter to me, if it does go with something, we'll find out eventually.
  14. Couple of questions on my mind: 1. I would think the English PC Pichu event code that uses the green dude is here somewhere, could someone direct me to that page? 2. In my endeavor to become a better code writer, I wanna learn the basics, so to start, what is the coding to make an Event(be it pokemon or item) receivable via the green dude at the pokemart by pressing L+R? I've got a working Time Travel Celebi and I wish to make the code work like a real event, that way you get the Pokedex entry. I wish to do this for Shaymin too. As well as a couple of other events. (This is what I want to figure out immediately.) 3. Did anyone figure out what the Lock Capsule does? (Not really an important item on my agenda) Earlier in the post I said checking the Fateful Encounter Box didn't make the Time Travel Celebi work. Turns out I was wrong. The reason I thought it wasn't working was because I was trying to activate the event before I beat Team Rocket out of the Radio tower. Turns out the event won't activate until you do that.
  15. Tortera354 that link doesn't work. I'm going to take another whack at that Celebi code. After that I'm going to do another Ash Inspired code: this time it'll be the team he used to beat Drake of the Orange League.
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