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  1. I don't save in game, as it does nothing, as when I open the game on desmume, it is empty. I save state file, which when I open, brings me back to where I was when I saved the file. I get a choice when it comes to ROM. It sets to .dsv at first, but I can choose to have a RAW SAVE FILE, or a NO$GBA SAVE FILE as well on top of the .dsv format
  2. Cut, Copy, paste, that sort of stuff, not anything about data saving
  3. ROM save type? None of the tabs have path settings. What does path settings do?
  4. Not that I can find. I am on mac, on the most recent mojave update
  5. This is my most recent save. I play platinum on desmume. GB2.dst
  6. I would like help. When I try to use pkhex, it tells me my files are too large. How do I go around it? I am playing pokemon platinum by the way.
  7. The app works, but the files are too big. I use desmume, I save file as, try to open it in pkhex, and it tells me it is too big. Also does it work on pokemon platinum?
  8. I've run into another problem. It will not let me open my saves, as the file is too large. How to I get around that?
  9. I tried that, and it tells me the file doesn't exist I did it. Thank you so much man, life saver I swear
  10. I learned how to run terminal, but when I put it in, I am told there is no wrapper. I understand it says to "drop wrapper here", but what and how am I meant to drop there
  11. The link just sends me to this page. I am confused. Not much of a computer geek...
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