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  • PKHeX 20.10.10


    PKHeX is a save editor for core-series Pokémon games. With it, users can manipulate various save files including: .sav, .dsv, .dat, .gci, .raw, and .bin types. PKHeX can also read and write: .pk files, which are individual Pokémon files, and .pgt, .pcd, .pgf, .wc, which are Mystery Gift files.

    Version 20.10.10 of PKHeX has been released, adding Pokemon Stadium support, fixing some bugs, updating the event database and legality checks.



    Change log:


    20/10/10 - New Update:
     - Added: Pokémon Stadium save file support!
     - - Supports all 3 game types: Pocket Monsters Stadium, Pokémon Stadium, and Pokémon Stadium 2.
     - - Added a new PKM format: SK2. Special format used by Stadium 2, different from PK2.
     - - Added a team viewer for registered teams; each slot on the team can be viewed into the PKM Editor.
     - - Due to endianness inconsistencies with emulators and storage media, PKHeX will automatically save-swap endianness for these saves!
     - - With the addition of Stadium support, every playable game that stores PKM data can now be edited!
     - Legality:
     - - Refactored: IEncounterable objects use inheritance rather than having a single base class for each type.
     - - Refactored: EncounterSlot objects are now pre-computed by another project in order to simplify data loading.
     - - Added: Gen1/2 GB Era event data is now recognized for most events that were distributed. Thanks @ShadowMario3!
     - - Added: Gen8 Affixed Ribbon is now legality checked. The value can be changed in the Extra Bytes editor.
     - - Fixed: Gen8 HOME gifts are now disallowed from having a TSV of 0.
     - - Fixed: Gen8 PIDs for Mystery Gifts are now generated correctly, and are verified by the legality checks.
     - - Fixed: Gen8 Shared Egg moves are now verified correctly. Thanks @Lusamine!
     - - Fixed: Gen8 Gigantamax Forms are now correctly prevented for special forms like Cap Pikachu.
     - - Fixed: Gen8 transfers from Gen7 without nicknames now re-sync their names. Mismatched Language-NotNicknames are now flagged. Thanks @Lusamine!
     - - Fixed: Gen7 transfers from VC now generate with the official PID creation method. Star shinies are double shinies!
     - - Fixed: Gen4 French Egg names are now recognized correctly. Thanks @ReignOfComputer!
     - - Fixed: Gen4 Korean Arcanine PCD now generates correctly. Thanks @Lusamine!
     - - Fixed: Gen3 Winning/Victory ribbons are now verified. Thanks @Atrius97!
     - - Fixed: Gen3 Artist ribbon no longer requires a Master ribbon in any contest due to Link Contests. Thanks @sarahlicity!
     - - Fixed: Gen3 Shadow Teddiursa is now treated as a "Gift", which only allows it being in a Poké Ball (forced capture, no other balls).
     - - Fixed: Gen2 eggs are now allowed to have Pokérus.
     - - Fixed: Gen1 level up moves are now allowed on PK2s with met data when using Stadium 2. Thanks @MrPerson0!
     - - Fixed: Gen1 Magnemite Types can now have "Steel" as a valid type when using Stadium 2. Thanks @MrPerson0!
     - Added: Save Files with different revisions (DLC patches) now indicate the patch version they were saved with.
     - Added: Catch Rate is now shown in KChart. Thanks @sora10pls!
     - Added: Hidden Power's move power is now shown next to the type. Thanks @soopercool101!
     - Added: Gen8 SWSH Block Labels have been added for Restricted Sparring. Thanks @CanoeHope!
     - Added: Gen7 LGPE catch count records can now be edited in the Pokedex Editor. Click labels to min-max the counts. Thanks @sora10pls!
     - Added: Gen4 Underground Items are now editable. Thanks @egzn!
     - Changed: Default TID/SID for Gen7+ blank save files is now 123456 (SID 1234).
     - Changed: Blank Save files will try to initialize with the current save file's language. For Japanese saves, the blank OT will be PKHeX if possible.
     - Fixed: The Gen6 font file will no longer throw errors under certain scenarios. Thanks @foohyfooh!
     - Fixed: Gen1 Pikachu Beach score editing reads & writes correctly now. Thanks @ShadowMario3!
     - Showdown Set Imports:
     - - Importing to a Gen8+ format will retain the specified IVs and not Hyper Train them. Thanks @rat01!
     - - Importing a set to Gen1/2 format will try to set the EVs to max (65535). Thanks @soopercool101

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    Hey, I found an error on the new pkhex. Pokemon caught on Emerald during mass outbreaks (like Nuzleaf on route 114) are being listed as illegal, since they come with an egg move. This wasn't happening on previous versions of pkhex.

    Here is my Nuzleaf.

    Invalid: Invalid Met Level, expected 0.
    Invalid: Evolution not valid (or level/trade evolution unsatisfied).
    Invalid: Encounter Type PID mismatch.
    Invalid: Can't have ball for encounter type.

    Valid Move 1: Inherited move learned by Level-up.
    Valid Move 2: Inherited move learned by Level-up.
    Valid Move 3: Inherited move learned by Level-up.
    Valid Move 4: Egg Move.

    Fishy: All EVs are zero, but leveled above Met Level.
    Fishy: Current experience matches level threshold.
    Valid: Nickname does not match another species name.
    Valid: All ribbons accounted for.
    Valid: Ability matches ability number.
    Valid: Gender matches PID.
    Valid: Nature matches PID.

    Encounter Type: Egg (Seedot)
    Origin Seed: C7D77254
    PID Type: Method_2

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    • PKHeX 20.01.10
      PKHeX is a save editor for core-series Pokémon games. With it, users can manipulate various save files including: .sav, .dsv, .dat, .gci, .raw, and .bin types. PKHeX can also read and write: .pk files, which are individual Pokémon files, and .pgt, .pcd, .pgf, .wc, which are Mystery Gift files.

      Version 20.01.10 of PKHeX has been released! PKHeX now supports the latest patch (1.1.0) Full change log below!



      Change log:

      Download      |     FAQ     |     Support Forum
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