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  • New Release: PKHeX 17.05.30




    The anticipation is over!  After weeks of working out a few issues and adding some awesome new features, Kaphotics recently released the next upgrade to the go-to save editor, PKHeX.  


    What's New in Version 17.05.30

     - Program Internals:
     - - PKHeX now uses C# 7 language features.
     - - PKHeX.Core is now a .NET Standard class library.
     - Legality:
     - - Changed: Refactored internals to better handle matching of encounters and future plans.
     - - Added: PIDIV method detection. For now, the only legality flagging present is for Cosseum/XD starters.
     - - Added: More legality check flagging. Thanks javierhimura & wwwwwwzx!
     - Main Window:
     - - Changed: Refactored PKM Editor and SAV Editor into separate user controls.
     - - Added: Box Viewer can now perform the same operations as the main window box slots.
     - - Added: Template loading via template folder
     - - - To add custom templates, create a folder named "template" and save separate files.
     - - - For example, "template.pk7" will autoload for Gen 7.
     - - Added: Common Folder path buttons for save files. (Hotkey: CTRL-F)
     - - - To add custom paths/names, create a tab separated (savpaths.txt) file (name, path).
     - Changed: Mystery Gift Database: Can now export PKM files and gift files directly in addition to loading to tabs.
     - Changed: Gen3 save files no longer prompt for the user to define if it originated from a Japanese game (now auto-detects).
     - Added: Gen4/Gen5 event flag editing (except Pt). Thanks pokecal!
     - Added: Gen5 B2W2 Key system editing. Thanks pokecal!
     - Fixed: Gen4 HGSS wallpapers are now fetched correctly. Thanks Scarfy!
     - Fixed: Gen4/Gen3 Randomized PIDs on gender change are now generated correctly.
     - Fixed: Gen6 QR url now is a correct URL. Thanks Delphox!

    Download PKHeX           FAQ           Support Forum 


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