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Speculation: Metagame changes/ New pokemon's roles


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The main downside to any form of migration, is no Dream World abilities, so really. If a pokemon has a good enough DW ability it shouldn't carry rocks, but those who have extremely lame ones, well they'll be having fun their way.

Ftr, TMs can be passed via breeding. The Male must know the TM, and the baby must be capable of learning it. I believe both need to be the same species as well.

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Swampert's Damp ability is BEGGING for rocks and lead position...

And Tbird... a lot of Pokemon got stuff like Water Pulse as hereditary moves (a former TM which was seldom used competitively, aside from stuff like NP Technician Persian)... that's Gamefreak's way of "compensating" for the loss of certain TMs, I believe, although not EVERYONE is getting Stealth Rocks or anything.

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I'm not actually sure what my lead qualifies as. I suspect anti-lead but I only started competitive battling 4 days ago.

It's a Gallade that has managed to take down almost every single lead pokemon it has come across in one hit. Exceptions being scizor, fortress and ferrothorn.

Course this is on pokemon online as the one I have in the games while bred the way I want it to be is only level 56 right now. Similarly for the other 2 that I transferred. Bred properly but not the proper levels.

More on topic, I have a reunicleus that I am going to try using as a special tank/attacker and am working on getting a chandelure for special offense.... I just realized I have maybe 2 for physical offense.... hrmm...

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