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  1. In my time of playing pokemon I have only IV bred three pokemon. A gallade, a togekiss and a porygon-z (who I nearly gave up on because of trying to get hidden power fighting) I bred them to get the stats I wanted perfect and the rest I really didn't care too much about. So my question is if anyone else who IV breed's pokemon does so to get every stat as high as they can or just the ones they need?
  2. I'm not actually sure what my lead qualifies as. I suspect anti-lead but I only started competitive battling 4 days ago. It's a Gallade that has managed to take down almost every single lead pokemon it has come across in one hit. Exceptions being scizor, fortress and ferrothorn. Course this is on pokemon online as the one I have in the games while bred the way I want it to be is only level 56 right now. Similarly for the other 2 that I transferred. Bred properly but not the proper levels. More on topic, I have a reunicleus that I am going to try using as a special tank/attacker and am working on getting a chandelure for special offense.... I just realized I have maybe 2 for physical offense.... hrmm...
  3. I only found one, a shiny joltik. Which is now a shiny galvantula.
  4. It's not for black or white files. The game it's being tested on is Diamond. I had a gallade that I transferred over to my copy of white that most of the files attributes are based off of... not sure why I typed black and white there though.
  5. I was tweaking things around in pokesav to see if I could understand how all the algorithms and stuff work (I still don't) and when I went to go check if it registered as legal it crashed the program. I'm not sure what is going on myself as I ran through a coupld of other pokemon that checked fine. The thing I was making is based off the gallade I transferred over into black and white to use on that game. If anyone could tell me why it makes legality checker crash that would be awesome. euraido.pkm
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