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Speculation: Metagame changes/ New pokemon's roles


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Maybe it has Levitate (okay, a good ability but so great on a legendary pixie so I doubt that)? Jirachi should be able to fly... but ha ha... it is weak to Ground moves (those times are the times you wish it DID have levitate). Scizor has wings but it isn't Flying (Scizor cannot even Fly according to the Pokedex). Heracross has wings, can fly, and isn't even Flying (ironically it is VERY weak to Flying). It looks like a Normal type to me, but we can't be sure. But how in the world does that thing look like a phantom? I can see it now:


Type 1: Digimo-*gets shot*

Although the part that looks remotely bug at all are probably its eyes.

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I've jumped the gun and replaced Minezumi with Miruhoggu as the evidence of it being the evolved form is quite... evident :P, If anyone would rather I wait for actual confirmation I'll change it back :).

On the victini front my mind is all over the place now. It really doesn't look like a ghost though I would kind of love it to be.. would make for a great support poke as I've said. It's looking more and more evident to be a flying type however, in which case it won't be of much use, no team should need a support pokemon to support their support pokemon :P. But who know it may get a brilliant attacking move pool and be used for those purposes.

However, I like Wraith's idea of it levitating, I mean, it has to fly somehow ... look at the way it moves on the video.

If it becomes fighting/flying(or levitate) I don't know what I'll think about it lol.

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Thinking about it, it being a Ghost-type is possible, and not just because it's classified as a phantom, but mostly because it resembles a fairy or pixie. Lores about fairies and pixies are far and wide, but some suggest that they are ghostly figures. Fairies in particular are said to be part of the dead, often impersonating deceased relatives. Another interesting detail is that banshees, also spirits, are sometimes associated with fairies, and in fact, banshee would translate to "fairy woman" in both Irish and Scottish.

Maybe we're all trying too hard deciphering this dumb-looking thing and the simple truth is that we're finally seeing how Missingno. really looks like. Maybe.

This is so outlandish...

I've jumped the gun and replaced Minezumi with Miruhoggu as the evidence of it being the evolved form is quite... evident :P, If anyone would rather I wait for actual confirmation I'll change it back :).

Just by looking at it it's kind of obvious.

Maybe it has Levitate (okay, a good ability but so great on a legendary pixie so I doubt that)? Jirachi should be able to fly... but ha ha... it is weak to Ground moves (those times are the times you wish it DID have levitate). Scizor has wings but it isn't Flying (Scizor cannot even Fly according to the Pokedex). Heracross has wings, can fly, and isn't even Flying (ironically it is VERY weak to Flying). It looks like a Normal type to me, but we can't be sure. But how in the world does that thing look like a phantom? I can see it now:

Exactly my point. I can see it having Levitate.

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Chances are that gen 5 will reshape our current tiers, but I'm going to make a quick assumption and say that the two title legendaries will be banned (they have been in every game so far) and most of the ubers list will still be considered banned.

Does anyone else see Reshiram being a deadly offensive threat? He's got a 4x Fire resist and a 2x electric resist, so you can bait those two types with Forretress, Kyogre, Scizor, etc. and come in on Choiced stuff, too. With some spdef, he may be able to switch into an Ice Beam that you can bait with any number of things. He makes a great partner to Skarmory (Skarmory is weak to Fire and Electric, which are both resisted by Reshiram, who is weak to Ground and Dragon, which Skarmory is immune to and resists, respectively.) They share resistances to Steel and Bug, allowing them to both easily switch into Scizor if he continues to be a big player in the metagame. Reshiram could run any number of offensive sets with deadly Fire STAB and Dragon STAB, along with the high likelihood that it will get a signature move in either of those STABS that will help him eat up the opposition. As a title legend, I'll assume that he has base stats that only Tyranitar and Arceus would turn their noses up to. If it goes physical, there's the chance for Flare Blitz/signature physical move, outrage/dragon claw/new move, Earthquake, and Dragon Dance/Swords Dance/filler. If it goes special, Fire Blast/New Move/Flamethrower, Draco Meteor/Dragon Pulse/New move, Earth Power/HP, and a boosting move or Thunder/Ice Beam/Aura Sphere would work. The ability also seems like it would help, and I have a feeling it will boost either one or both of its STAB moves' power.

Zekrom has some great resistances, though we'll have to see if GF gives it the bulk it needs. Electric STAB doesn't really excite me as much as Fire, but he shares Reshiram's ability to team up with Skarmory.

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Fire STAB >>>> Electric STAB definitely. I see you're more into Uber games than OU games. The two title legends getting banned? Definitely. They'll probably have stats at around 680 (or even less, as Kyogre/Groudon got away with that and are still uber) and with some form of signature move (which they still failed to give Mewtwo after four generations) and a signature ability (I would have thought it is Pressure, but it's confirmed they have something like TerraVoltage or some strange ability).

As for the new metagame, we don't know if it will be the same like this time or not. We don't even know if stuff like Scizor will play a significant role either thanks to new moves, items and Pokemon. The tier will probably shape up after a few months or so, after mass testing and whatnot.

My thoughts? Every single Pokemon that has been introduced here will outclass every old Pokemon.

Just kidding.

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All this speculation and victini is a fire/psychic type.

Did NOT expect that at all. He's gunna hate Ttar regardless of his role now. Psychic and Fire don't present victini many favours on the defensive side, however, he's going to love Killing Scizor/forretress/Skarmory/_Steal type_ lol. Which is all good.

Because of this I think we may be getting a wall breaker out of it, though unless it gets something like flare bltiz or super power, It's notgoing to be able to get past blissey ...

Hmm, mixed bag I feel.

Your thoughts?

EDIT: The ability is 'Victory Star'... who didn't see that coming? I imagine this could be something mouch like meguroko's over confidence possibly, seeing as the name is 'Victory'. However if it boosted attack it would be over confidence, maybe this is something similar but for special attack? I suppose we won't know for sure until the next corocoro.

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My interest on Victini has plummeted; the only thing that's keeping my eyes on it is the fact it's #000 in the PokéDex. We'll see what "Victory Star" does, but I doubt it'll redeem the typing.

And by the way, it kind of makes sense now--other than the fact they always make this stupid, cute-looking critters Psychic--the word victory is sometimes associated with fire. Perfect example is in some animes whenever a character accomplishes something or some sort of other endeavor, the character usually makes a victory pose with brimming fire on the background. Plus, stars can also be hot.

EDIT: Although, ironically, stars that have a reddish glow are said to be cold; however, Victini's eyes are blue, and stars that have a blueish glow are said to be hot.

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I don't know. My interest has actually .. well stayed the same and it was quite high anyway.

The fire typing is pretty awesome, fire makes for a great offensive typing, and with psychic it hits neutral on every type (not including dual types).

But if we take into account the typings, and obligatory moves that the types learn a set like this:

Victini@ life orb/Expert Belt

Naive Nature

Victory Star

232 Atk/28 SpAtk/252 Sp

- Fire blast/Flamethrower

- Psychic

- Hidden Power [Ground]

- Boost Move/Filler move (fighting preferably)

This kills Pretty much every steel type, steel tryping magnezones down, CB scizor is down (resisting BP is a god send) + skarm/forry , Infernape is killed if it lacks stone edge, Lucario is pwned outright (so long as it isn't the agility variant), Heatran is OHKO after rocks by HP ground, Celebi has a high chance of being OHKO after rocks, as is jirachi (so long as they don't get in a CM). I mean really a pretty big list of top hitters in OU are destroyed by this thing, and if it were to get a strong fighting attack, then blissey, snorlax, Ttar and a whole new list of heavy hitters are taken out of the equation ... and this is with only 28spatk EV's :o.

Of course if he doesn't get a fighting attack, then the leftover Atk EVs could happily get shoved elsewhere ... I would probably go the HP or defence route if it gets CM, and put an expert belt on it to make HP ground pretty solid on Ttar.

This is also assuming that it doesn't get Flare blitz, which would then make it even more deadly attacking off of both ends of the spectrum. If it has Flare blitz then slapping on a Expert belt to feign a banded set could be pretty awesome, or even a scarf set for a mixed wall breaking revenge killer... Gah too many options xD.

Swampert and Gyara laugh at it, but if this thing gets calm mind, after a couple boosts even those'll be wondering what in god's name is happening. Hell it could even get the elemental punches like jirachi - that's Gyara finished, as with an expert belt, the intimidate drop won't matter too much, so long as rocks are up. (72.6% minimum w/ Life orb - for sure OHKO with expert belt [this being with 232 Atk... starting to look perfect no? :P])

... Ok after doing these calcs I am pretty excited about victini :P.

(based on base stats 100 across the board)

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Fire/Psychic? Ewww. Tyranitar bait for the lose. Okay, if it has some Fighting move, then Tyranitar would have to think twice before switching in. I can see that thing getting Grass Knot like the other 100/100/100/100/100/100 pixies, which won't KO Tyranitar outright, but still put some major damage.

Yeah, my interest for this thing... somewhat went down the drain. But what makes it so special that it has to be #000? Really now... don't steal Missingno's Thunder >_>

But on the bright side... look! All our wishes for more Fire types... came true. Reshiram is Fire/Dragon (why? U_U) and this guy too. Who's next? Luvdisc's speculated evolved form? Fire/Water... heh heh.

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I can see it being used, yeah, but it's just not my type of PKMN, really. Admittedly it's not the typing, I have to be honest there, and now I'll probably sound cliché, but cutesy PKMN aren't my steelo.


Yeah, my interest for this thing... somewhat went down the drain. But what makes it so special that it has to be #000? Really now... don't steal Missingno's Thunder >_>

That darn numbering is the only thing that keeps me guessing. Maybe it has to do with its quite misleading classification...

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I'll probably sound cliché, but cutesy PKMN aren't my steelo.

No I understand you completely I hate cutesy pokemon too, but the idea of it doing all that makes me wanna use it anyway, until everyone else uses it in which case I'll probably stop using it ... because well I am dumb like that xD.

The first thing I will be doing when shoddy updates its system for gen V pokes is taking away the God damn victory signs... They wind me up :/.

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Ok so we have got a lot of new information recently :D.

Gigiaisu is as we all expected a Rock Type. It's got the generic Sturdy ability. Unless it's got some new moves, better speed than past rocks, or just SOME special defence, I imagine that this will be relegated to the lower tiers pretty quickly.

We have a new Flying Electric type in form of Emonga, again I can't see it doing a whole bunch in OU as zapdos (at the moment) looks to out class it. However, the static ability is always welcomed being able to paralyse Stone Edge abusers, such as infernape... However unless it has the defences to survive it, and has roost, that paralysis is wasted, as blissey, or any other bulky Twaver will do a much better job. Though the new typing will certainly be welcomed, and will probably diversify the lower tiers a whole lot :D.

Shikijika ... has been screwed :/. Normal grass type. It does have chlorophyll, like most grass types. This makes me feel that sunny day teams might rise up a little to allow for Shikijika to prove its worth. As a grass type it is pretty much guaranteed to get growth (which now boosts attack and special attack), so I can see STAB Return, Solar Beam + Coverage move getting a whole lot of use in Sunny teams in the lower tiers. On the typing front, other than boosted returns, neither type lends themselves any favours, gaining more weaknesses and no resistances kind of sucks.

With Growth now boosting both stats I think we are probably going to see a whole lot of grass types running around. I think someone to watch out for will definitely be Venusaur, being able sleep and sweep from both ends of the spectrum is a pretty awesome prospect. Tangrowth will also be pretty beastly. Considering its natural bulk, More EVs will be able to be pumped into its defenses so that it can safely run a completely viable mixed set is pretty scary... AND ITS ALREADY A BEAST. I don't know. I might be getting excited over nothing, but a few of my favourite pokemon are grass types and this gives them a nice opening into a metagame that, at the moment, seems to be rejecting them.

I do however feel like they are now making changes to make the pokemon of the next generation more viable. For instance, this change could have came in gen III... imagine how much Sceptile would have pwned... imagine how much it will now :P.

I can't remember what else has been revealed so feel free discuss anything I have missed, too. And check the first page for all of the new information.

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3 new pokes added + Corocoro scans (see burokko and Giruja)

Burokko being a grass monkey looks like it could well turn into a grass fighting type. A new typing as far as I'm aware, however, every monkey so far in the Pokemon Series has been a fighting type. With Onokurusu (sp) looking like a bug/dragon and now a grass fighting type I really do see the metagame soon being in favour of a lot of flying types. If Infernape is anything to go by, then Burokko's final evo is sure to bring some pain in the OU metagame. The water pokemon, Giruja, seems to be like any other water pokemon, he may see some use as a teams bulky water of choice, but until more is known there's not much else I can say about him.

There are also two plant pokemon revealed. However since nothing is known about them, not even names, I don't see any reason to post them just yet.

The 'Swan', Hakubirisu, Has got the ability white wing. Can't wait to see what this does. Possibly a 'safe-guard' ability or something of the sort. That'd be pretty cool. Though nothing is comfirmed as to what this ability actually does.

Hihidaruma's pre-evo has also been revealed but I don't see any need to post that in the OP.

Sorry for the triple post :S:s

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Since Tbird is gone for a week, he baton passed his role to me :/

All right... metagame changes. Here goes nothing... let's see if I'm doing this right.

1) First off, we have some OLD effects/Pokemon changing.


A crying shame that Vaporeon's sprite is blocked off... but I like her new sprite.

  • The ability Sturdy now prevents any form of one hit knock out from maximum Hit Points, leaving just 1 Hit Point
  • Vaporeon gets the Hydration ability if you get it from the Dream World

Heh, so Sturdy isn't nearly as broken anymore. Mind Reader + Sheer Cold + Ice Shard Articuno anyone? I guess it didn't make sense for something like Donphan to not even feel Sheer Cold... I don't know. And Vaporeon with Hydration? Okay, so she isn't able to heal from water moves with that ability, but if rain is in effect, it means Vaporeon is not as vulnerable to Toxic Spikes anymore. Pretty neat option if you ask me. Hydration will probably take Ability 2's slot... and it probably means the other Eeveelutions will get a second ability as well if caught from Dream World (whatever that is). Now I'm wondering what the other six will get...

2) Some NEW Pokemon stuff


We have an angry fish! His name is Basurao (バスラオ), and he is shown to be using Aqua Jet, Headbutt and Roar. Yeah, I think he'll evolve...


This is Mamanbou (ママンボウ), who looks awfully similar to Luvdisc. Although... Luvdisc had a terrible design and was not impressive in any way and its only redeeming factor is Heart Scale hunting. This one though, looks cute and actually looks like a fish. She is the Nursing Pokémon and is 1.2m tall and weighs 31.6kg. Her two abilities are Hydration and Healing Heart (いやしのこころ), which removes Status Effects on your partner Pokémon in battle. This new ability seems incredibly useful for double/triple battles. Mamanbou somewhat functions as an auto-cleric, but Healing Heart is probably like Hydration, works once per turn. I just noticed... Luvdisc was supposed to look like a heart... and the ability is "Healing Heart"... hmmm... it could be! Hello Luvdisc, I will so evolve you. But darn... you're not Water/Fire. Burning heart! Oh well.


Shikijika (シキジカ) is a deer Pokemon and she is a Normal/Grass Pokemon. We have a Normal/Water, now a Normal/Grass... hoping for a Normal/Fire? Meh, we'll find out soon enough. This thing has a neat gimmick, as it has different color schemes like Shellos/Gastrodon, but it is not affected by which region it was caught in. Rather, it is dependent on season: Spring Form is Pink, Summer Form is Green, Autumn Form is Orange and Winter Form is Brown. It is classified as a Season Pokemon (not deer?), and is 0.6m and weighs 19.5kg. It has the abilities Chlorophyll and a new one called Herbivore (そうしょく ) which raises Attack when hit with a Grass-type move, very similar to Flash Fire. Hopefully she can find some use in the competitive battling scene. I can see her paired with bulky grounds and waters to take Grass attacks aimed at things like, I don't know, Swampert.


Hello totem pole mouse! Here is the Raticate/Furret/Linoone/Bibarel of this generation, Miruhoggu (ミルホッグ), the evolution of Minezumi. He is the Precaution Pokémon (huh?) and is 1.1m tall and weighs 27.0kg. He looks rather angry... but his abilities are Illuminate and Keen Eye. It is rather fitting, but unfortunately neither of them are all THAT useful. If Illuminate changes effects into something like an Intimidate-esque lower your accuracy during the initial turn it is sent out, he may prove all right. But the rodents of each generation were not too useful (with the exception of Linoone and Bibarel... somewhat), maybe he won't be all that different.


Swana (スワンナ ) is the elegant Cygnus of this generation. He is classified as the Swan Pokemon (not Fluffy Wings or-*gets shot*) and is 1.3m tall and weighs 24.2kg. He is Water/Flying (great another one) and has the abilities Keen Eye or Pigeon Heart (a swan is a pigeon? Maybe the localized version will change it to Avian Heart or something...). He looks like the Pelipper of this generation... only he looks a lot more elegant. There is a new move called WindStorm (ぼうふう) where the Pokémon's Accuracy changes with the weather. Ugh... I wish it was power, not accuracy that changes. Hopefully he will see some use in battles or get some useful supporting moves... or else competitively he's another Pelipper, who wasn't all too impressive. Mantine is at least a great special wall (akin to Skarmory in terms of stats) and Gyarados... well who wants to mess with him?


Kurumiru (クルミル ) is 0.3m tall and weighs 2.5kg and is classified as the "Sewing Pokemon" (not Silkworm or anything?). He is Bug/Grass type and has the abilities Swarm or Chlorophyll. He also has a new attack called Bug Resistance (むしのていこう). Not much is known about it... except it attacks two opponents at once in double battles. Yeah, Kurumiru looks like it's a baby form... it's definitely evolving. But he seems different from his fellow Bug/Grass fellows Parasect and Wormadam. Well, he seems similar to Wormadam more than anything, but not sure what kind of a role he will play... probably another generic bug :(


Lastly, we have Moguryu (モグリュー), the Mole Pokemon (finally, a real classification!). He is 0.3m tall and weighs 8.5kg, and you guessed it, is a Ground type Pokemon. He has two abilities, Sand Throw (すなかき) and Sand Power (すなのちから ) which boosts the power of moves in a sandstorm. It looks like another weather boosting ability, much like Solar Power I guess? Expect him to play in sand teams, but if the happy mole turns out outclassed or whatnot, we may have lower tier sand abusers! Hello sand teams!

Yeah, I'm a bit late with the "updates", but I have finally posted. Any questions? Comments? Feel free to post.

~ Wraith Out


1. Serebii.net

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Rankurusu, is one of my new favorite Pokemon (Green, Jell-o-esque Critter) With Magic Guard, it shows a lot of Promise. Life Orbs and Burn Orbs. All of these things could be loads of fun; However, based on Appearence alone, this poor guy will be UU. (Of course, without knowning things like Move-Pool/Stats, this is extreme speculation.) If it evolves, it will more than likely be OU. Ofc, that all depends on it's stats.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Ok ... wow... all 156 revealed.

I won't update the OP any further... because damn, that's a lot of pokemon.

I guess I'll post some of my thoughts on a few pokemon however.

(Any stats posted are in HP/ATK/DEF/SP.ATK/S.DEF/SPE)

The Starters


Ok it's got some weird ass stats, or atleast I think so. 75/75/95/75/95/113. Instantly we can see that it's more defence inclined... but speedy at that. But really I think the stats have been somewhat screwed up, with the stats it has it can't really take a huge beating nor dish it out. So what I can see from this will be a speedy status platform that can take a couple of hits. Outside of that, it'll be competeting with Venu/Shaymin/Sceptile. Venusaur can work offensively better with its nice 100 Sp.Atk, and sponge special attacks better with its 5 extra stat points in Sp Def, venusaur also has better HP too. So, as far as speedy sleepers go, scarf Venusaur wins the race there IMO, being able to hit harder and take hits better too.

Shaymin is all round better at the moment, boasting better everything other than speed, and being the exact same typing. With the ability to run defensive or offensive, this will be jaroda's biggest competition in OU, and I honestly can't see people chosing 13 points extra in speed, over seed flare... and everything else that shaymin can do.

Sceptile is faster than jaroda and shares the same typing, whilst being able to hit harder from both sides of the spectrum.

What Jaroda could possibly pull off pretty well would be a spex or a band set. with a maximum of 273 in either stat, pre-enhanced, it could potentially become a speed demon with 410 offence. While that's not a huge amount, it does mean it can revenge kill a lot of +/-0 speed pokemon in OU. To name a few; Gengar, Infernape (Hp ground) and Lucario (non agility variant). However, with it being STAB grass being the move of choice a lot of things will be able to switch in and gain a free turn after said revenge killing.


Yay another fire fighting. Its build resembles a mix or torterra and Blaziken. 100/123/65/100/65/65. This sort of build isn't overly bad. It will still be competeting with Blaziken in UU and infernape in OU, as well as magmar/ magmortar and any other fire type that can attack from both ends of the spectrum.

In UU I can't see it getting passed blaziken at all. Blaziken is only three points shy of Enbuoo's Atk, while boasting better Sp.Atk and speed. And in OU ... let's face it Inerfernape isn't going to be out shone any time soon.

The 100 HP is sort of intruiging, but as soon as you look at the dual 65 offences, you realise it's not that good after all.

Like jaroda, I feel Enbuoo will have to rely on a boosting item to get any where fast. A scarfed Enbuoo would seem to be pretty viable, as it would outspeed ScarfTar, however, blaziken would still pull this set off better, really it needs to get something like agility to be really scary... But again... Blaziken will do that better.


Now this one looks a bit better built. It has quite balanced out stats - 95/100/85/108/70/70. Not exactly built perfect, no. But still, It looks to be the best placed stats thus far. It kind of reminds me of kingdra, just a little more powerful. As it's a water type, it'll be competing with every other water type for a spot on the team. So, let's look at a few of whom it'll be competing with. In UU we have blastoise, as a bulky water blastoise boasts better defence, though lacking in HP, and can double over as a rapid spinner. Milotic in UU would appear to be Daikenki's biggest obstacle, however. Milotic boosts far superior special defence, and better defence if it's running rest talk or holding a flame orb ... or if it's doing both. However, Daikenki boasts the ability to attack a lot better than milotic, abeit slower.

In OU, Should infernape still be running around, then I can't see it functioning better than starmie, attacking better than gyarados, and if it lacks dragon dance (which it probably will :/) Then kingdra will deny Daikenki room for sweeping aswell. Being pure water, however it doesn't have a 4 times weakness like swampert or gyarados, So it does have that plus side to it.

Really though, Daikenki does appear to be a jack of all sort of pokemon.

Things That Look Promising


It's by all intents and purpose the electric equivalent to rapidash ... with more speed. It also looks like a physical answer to jolteon. 75/100/63/80/63/116. Realistically, with that speed and typing it's a speedy glass cannon. Personally, I see it being UU, however, with that speed and ability, it could well get a showing in OU. It boasts Motor drive just like electivire, as we already know... However it has a lot more speed. I do think that electivire will remain the motor driver of choice as it boasts better attacking power and general bulk (with cross chop to take out blissey and Ttar). So why does it look promising? Because this means we can have a motor drive abuser for UU :D.

Being able to switch in on any electric attack and then having speed of about 545 (w/ + nature max EVs) and 299 Atk or 449 w/ a choice band, this thing'll be a beast of a late game cleaner upper.


In sand this thing is going to be broken ... so hard. Lets look at the stats one second 110/135/60/50/65/88. And now the abilities sand throw and sand power. Sand Throw ... Doubles speed in a sand storm ... 88 Speed = roughly 300/302 something like that (max EV investment + nature) ... THAT IS 600 SPEED IN A SAND STORM... With 369 Atk, 405 if you go for the plus nature here instead of speed. I can't say much about sand power due to not knowing the exact increase of atk in the sand.

But 369 Atk + 600 Spe = BEAST. Hell give a it a choice band and an adamant nature... that 607 Atk + about 550 Speed... Come on folks... That's broken as hell lol. And what set up would this need, I hear you ask? Merely a frail as possible TTar lead holding a focus sash to get the sand up + SR. And if SR is not a possibilty, it doesn't matter the sand'll break sashes anyway.

My expecatation? Number 1 used pokemon within a week lol. I predict choice band empoleon will get a lot of uses to counter this, CB Aqua jet will hurt this thing thankfully. I imagine good old Forry should provide us some help too. I'd hate to see this sent packing to Ubers :/.


Here's someone that caught my eye as I was having a look see through the new pokes. He doesn't look like much, but here're his stats 65/90/115/45/115/58. Still not looking too great, but let me paint a picture for you here :P. It's got beast defences, (albeit bleh HP), it's a dark Fighting type, 90 Atk ... and over confidence as its ability.

So now put that into a practical situation... such as on a trick room team. Bronzong Weakens the opposing lead, sets up trick room, and gets killed. In comes Zuruzukin, it revenge kills the lead, and gains +1... The next thing comes in, Zuru' kills it with its new found +1, and gains +2... See what I mean? It needn't worry a whole lot about scizor either, being slower would mean that U-Turn wouldn't touch it, and with those defences Bullet punch may not kill it.

Being a dark fighter I imagine it will get Fire Punch/ Cross chop/ Payback ... There's another point.. It gets stab on universal coverage ... aint that something :P. With those moves and its ability I can see it being a trick room teams main sweeper.

And outside of trick room, With that slow speed and stab payback (reaching 75 bp - 150bp as it's slowler than most things) it's going to hurt a lot of stuff, For instance if rotom switches in wanting to burn it it'll get GGd by payback and give Zuru' +1 :D


Rock flying

75/ 140/ 65/ 112/ 65/ 110

Is it just me or does that look a little broken.

OU has just found themselves a new wall breaker, and that's for sure.

The first obstacle it has to over come is dear old scizor of course. However, with good prediction, and being a bird I imagine it'll get heatwave, scizor might not even touch it. With out relying heavily on prediction, pair this with magnezone, and then Aekeosu can literally tear everything up. I imagine this may risk getting the boot to uber, it's so strong :/.


Ok well I was quite excited about her before anything was known about her... and now I am even more excited. Here's her stats: 165HP

... Need I say any more? haha

165/ 75/ 80/ 40/ 45/ 65

Ok so the defenses are less than stellar. However, factor this in with the ability healing heart, it's basically a natural cure status absorber... without the need to switch. I think we'll see some good things out of her if she has a movepool that she can abuse.

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It has been confirmed that Weak Knees, the ability of that bird; cuts it's attack stat in half when it's HP falls below 50%. Not as broken, but an effective EARLY game sweeper. Pretty interesting.

Shibirudon-Electric-Levitate-85 115 80 50 105 80

This Pokemon is interesting, it techinically has no weakness.

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