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GTS: website research

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On Japanese games, you select a region of Japan rather than a country. These will account for some of the missing locations.

Thanks for the info, but I can't read Japanese, I hope Poryhack will manage to rip the names.

Anyway, I'm interested in connecting to the GTS with a script, but I'd rather not use this method... The reason is that I want to write a script for fangames made in RPG Maker to connect. But if I'm understanding correctly, this can only be done (so far) using an existing GTS 'account' and thus won't be able to deposit/withdraw Pokémon without messing up someone else's trade, right?

That's right, everything is based on the PID, so each player of your fangame would have to have a different PID, which has to be registered first.

The registration process seems to use SSL, so I think it'd be difficult to connect to the real GTS.

However, fan-made GTS servers can accept any PID, and I think it would be much more legal using a custom GTS server rather than the real one for fangames.

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I don't believe Nintendo would agree if a fangame traded with their GTS...

Sure they won't, but the question is if they could block non-official games from the GTS .


I don't think it's a good idea to connect Fangames to the real GTS but its your decision.

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Here's the list. It seems to be correct in number and order; you did miss a handful of locations past Vietnam but no problem.

1 Afghanistan

2 Albania

3 Algeria

4 American Samoa

5 Andorra

6 Angola

7 Anguilla

8 Antigua and Barbuda

9 Argentina

10 Armenia

11 Aruba

12 Australia

13 Austria

14 Azerbaijan

15 Bahamas

16 Bahrain

17 Bangladesh

18 Barbados

19 Belarus

20 Belgium

21 Belize

22 Benin

23 Bermuda

24 Bhutan

25 Bolivia

26 Bosnia and Herzegovina

27 Botswana

28 Brazil

29 British Virgin Islands

30 Brunei Darussalam

31 Bulgaria

32 Burkina Faso

33 Burundi

34 Cambodia

35 Cameroon

36 Canada

37 Cape Verde

38 Cayman Islands

39 Central African Republic

40 Chad

41 Channel Islands

42 Chile

43 China

44 Christmas Island

45 Colombia

46 Comoros

47 Democratic Republic of the Congo

48 Congo

49 Cook Islands

50 Costa Rica

51 Cote d’Ivoire

52 Croatia

53 Cuba

54 Cyprus

55 Czech Republic

56 Denmark

57 Djibouti

58 Dominica

59 Dominican Republic

60 Ecuador

61 Egypt

62 El Salvador

63 Equatorial Guinea

64 Eritrea

65 Estonia

66 Ethiopia

67 Faroe Islands

68 Falkland Islands

69 Fiji

70 Finland

71 France

72 French Guiana

73 French Polynesia

74 Gabon

75 Gambia

76 Georgia

77 Germany

78 Ghana

79 Gibraltar

80 Greece

81 Greenland

82 Grenada

83 Guadeloupe

84 Guam

85 Guatemala

86 Guinea

87 Guinea-Bissau

88 Guyana

89 Haiti

90 Honduras

91 Hong Kong

92 Hungary

93 Iceland

94 India

95 Indonesia

96 Iran

97 Iraq

98 Ireland

99 Isle of Man

100 Israel

101 Italy

102 Jamaica

103 Japan

104 Jordan

105 Kashmir

106 Kazakhstan

107 Kenya

108 Kiribati

109 D.P. Republic of Korea

110 Republic of Korea

111 Kuwait

112 Kyrgyzstan

113 Lao People’s Democratic Republic

114 Latvia

115 Lebanon

116 Lesotho

117 Liberia

118 Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

119 Liechtenstein

120 Lithuania

121 Luxembourg

122 Macau

123 Macedonia (FYROM)

124 Madagascar

125 Malawi

126 Malaysia

127 Maldives

128 Mali

129 Malta

130 Marshall Islands

131 Martinique

132 Mauritania

133 Mauritius

134 Mayotte

135 Mexico

136 Micronesia

137 Republic of Moldova

138 Monaco

139 Mongolia

140 Morocco

141 Mozambique

142 Myanmar

143 Namibia

144 Nauru

145 Nepal

146 Netherlands

147 Netherlands Antilles

148 New Caledonia

149 New Zealand

150 Nicaragua

151 Niger

152 Nigeria

153 Niue

154 Norfolk Island

155 Northern Mariana Islands

156 Norway

157 Oman

158 Pakistan

159 Palau

160 Panama

161 Papua New Guinea

162 Paraguay

163 Peru

164 Philippines

165 Pitcairn Islands

166 Poland

167 Portugal

168 Puerto Rico

169 Qatar

170 Reunion

171 Romania

172 Russian Federation

173 Rwanda

174 Saint Helena

175 Saint Kitts and Nevis

176 Saint Lucia

177 Saint-Pierre and Miquelon

178 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

179 Samoa

180 San Marino

181 Sao Tome and Principe

182 Saudi Arabia

183 Senegal

184 Serbia and Montenegro

185 Seychelles

186 Sierra Leone

187 Singapore

188 Slovakia

189 Slovenia

190 Solomon Islands

191 Somalia

192 South Africa

193 Spain

194 Sri Lanka

195 Sudan

196 Suriname

197 Jan Mayen Island

198 Swaziland

199 Sweden

200 Swiss Confederation

201 Syrian Arab Republic

202 Taiwan

203 Tajikistan

204 United Republic of Tanzania

205 Thailand

206 Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste

207 Togo

208 Tokelau

209 Tonga

210 Trinidad and Tobago

211 Tunisia

212 Turkey

213 Turkmenistan

214 Turks and Caicos Islands

215 Tuvalu

216 Uganda

217 Ukraine

218 United Arab Emirates

219 United Kingdom

220 United States of America

221 United States Virgin Islands

222 Uruguay

223 Uzbekistan

224 Vanuatu

225 Vatican City

226 Venezuela

227 Vietnam

228 Wallis and Futuna

229 Palestine

230 Western Sahara

231 Yemen

232 Zambia

233 Zimbabwe

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Thanks a lot. :biggrin:

BTW, could you telle me where is it located in the ROM (path to the file), please ? :smile:

PS : I didn't have anything after Vietnam, look at the screenshot :


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Well you said you only got 130 from the list as it appears in your game? Maybe the ones after Vietnam are just some of the ones they skipped for whatever reason. I took the list from Platinum (US version); I kinda doubt that any changes were made to it either before or after but someone would have to check it to be sure.

The relevant files are at /msgdata/msg.narc for DP, /msgdata/pl_msg.narc for Pt, and /a/0/2/7 for HGSS. I recommend googling "thenewpoketext" if you aren't familiar with it. It can dump the NARC into a nice XML file in actual text.

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I know thenewpoketext a bit, I just wasn't sure if the names would be in the usual message files (I didn't search actually :redface:).

Thanks again.

EDIT : Okay, I found it, it was in file 612, so 'get 612 locations_plat.xml' did the trick.

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But strangely, it first gave me BSODs with Platinum, and now it works properly, I don't know why exactly, I think that it is due to me having deposited something in the real GTS (it began working fine after I did that).

That could explain why some people have connection errors, and others do not.

After getting my flashcart i was getting a BSOD every time i used GTSNUKER or SENDPKM with heartgold ( don't have other games right now) while ii never did on my retail cart of heartgold. I was starting to blame the dump and was thinking about redumping. After what you said though i went and deposited a Pokemon into the real GTS , and took it out, after that i went and set up gts nuker and got no BSOD. This was the first time for me to connect to the real GTS on this save, so it makes me think the GTS gives the game some info or something the first time you connect, With out it the games wants to fail. I will continue connecting and seeing if i BSOD anymore. Know what the game gets from the GTS? can you duplicate it in the fake GTSs or iif not and this is the reason it fails the solution is to just connect the real GTS one time.( well at least once)

also if there are more misspellings or other oddities sry really tired and already fixed quite a few.

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Thank you for the feedback, so there would be a real link between using Nintendo's GTS once and having no more BSOD's.

I can try and sniff the packets with Cain & Abel and Wireshark, dunno if it'll work though.

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sure seems that way since both gtsnuker and sendpkm work fine now, no more BSOD now that i have connected once on this save.

So for now the best advice to BSODing would just connecting to the real GTS, ...and possibly needing to deposit something.

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i had an idea and went and found a save before the GTS, i sent me a pokemon to make sure i BSOD, which i did, i then used GTSserver to send a Pokemon over and then took it back .... then i sent me another Pokemon to me with gtsnuker and no BSOD. So if i understand all this right it not so much needing something from the real GTS, it the DS was just confused ( i know real technical here xD) on how you got a Pokemon when it has no record of you ever putting a Pokemon up? or whatever technical stuff i don't understand xD

EDIT: err well sendpkm gave me an error but it looked slightly different going to retry it but gtsnuker gave me no error.

EDIT: ah tried to send a box pokemon on accident with a party pokemon all worked fine with sendpkm as well.

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Hello. I really don't understand what I am supposed to do here. I understand most of what you talk about, but I don't know what the goal of this project is or what I can do to help. All I know is that you are trying to do something with the GTS. I am really good at computers, and I want to help.

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Hello. I really don't understand what I am supposed to do here. I understand most of what you talk about, but I don't know what the goal of this project is or what I can do to help. All I know is that you are trying to do something with the GTS. I am really good at computers, and I want to help.

We were trying to build fake GTS servers. Now we have.

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I found out about all this GTS exploits stuff this morning and have been trying since then to make a milotic with no avail. On my WIFI connection settings, everything is set and connected to my computer and has been for about a year with no problems. I followed the instructions on all the sites i could find, saying to drag the pokesav created pkm file to the sendpkm.py and i got I type that in to my primary DNS, use test connection, and the bars go green, then red, and i get error code 52100. When i drag the pkm file to dnsserver.py, i get, and the connection is successful, but when i go to the GTS ingame, it brings me to the "deposit pokemon/seek pokemon/exit" menu. When i use the DNS of popular distributors, it works just fine. I have platinum and diamond and its like that for both of them. I only intend on using this for myself also.

EDIT: Now i dont have any connection at all after trying to figure out if my router's mode should be b, g, b and g, or 108mbps; my security options should be none or WEP; and if my authentication type should be open system, shared key, or automatic

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more problems
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Hello. On both my HeartGold and Platinum, I tried to re-create a Deoxys event with the GTS hack, by setting my DNS server to what Python told me (, but when I tried to connect, I had a great connection, bu then it lost connection, gave me an error, and kicked me out (WITHOUT MY DEOXYS!):mad:.

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Ok, thanks. Changed it to b and g, channel 1. Im getting error code 52000: unable to obtain an IP address(this is with only the SSID and wep key in, Auto obtain Ip address and dns are on yes)

EDIT: Woohoo! got a connection using my LAN IP instead of the IP i got when i looked it up on google. When I use my Gateway as my Primary DNS, then it works perfectly. But when I put epic milotic.pkm the sendpkm.py, the Primary DNS it brings up in the command prompt is the same as my IP Address, and when i test the connection with that, i get error code 52100 andevery once in awhile 51300.

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Same thing happened to me, but got fixed when I switched to GTS_Nuker instead. You've got to make an exception in your firewall though, and perhaps open some ports on your router, but in the end it worked...

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ive made an exception in my firewall and opened the ports in my router i was told to, but what is this GTS_nuker? can you give me an attachment also? Thanks

I downloaded GTS_nuker but have no clue what to do. Its called SendPKMdx.exe right? When i put a pkm in it it doesnt give me any DNS, it just says waiting for connexion and says distribution: 0. When I use my regular DNS, it sends me to the send or seek pokemon menu, i dont get any pokemon. And when I use the DNS that sendpkm.py gives me, i get error code 52100

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