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  1. By doing that, if it can't connect to nas.nintendowifi.net the first time, it'll try through norma DNS the second time instead of repeatedly trying from the first DNS.
  2. You're doing something wrong in GTS_Nuker then, because GTS_Nuker does exactly that, try giving the IP out to several people and it should work fine. See the thing with testing out your own pokemon is that sometimes it decides to be gay. For example, when I type in my WAN IP I tend to timeout even though it does connect to my DNS server. I usualy end up tweaking it specifically for me when I want to grab a pokemon. It's best tested by getting someone outside your network because things that might afflict you inside your network (your DS not connecting) will still allow people outside of it to obtain pokemon. The best combination I've found and use is to use Vlad's dnsserver.py (The newer one where you don't even have to find your own IP, it's preset), and M@T's sendpkm.exe This tends to allow for the fastest distributions, both are threaded, and they work right out the box with no fiddling with IP boxes (you do have to forward your ports though) Okay, do you have an illegal pokemon in your party? Although to be honest the problem seems to be that it won't connect to nas.nintendowifi.net properly. Try restarting everything and then setting your Secondary DNS to your normal DNS. (you can get this from an ipconfig) Not sure, maybe someone else can help.
  3. Okay two possibilities. If you're trying to setup for just yourself, use LordLandon's original script, and it doesn't require any port forwarding or any of that jazz, it just works. If you do indeed want to set it up for other people... Make sure you forwarded 80 TCP and 53 UDP Check that they are open (You can test 80 TCP by having a friend type your WAN IP in his browser IF you have sendpkm open ; Red text in your screen means it's open) Open your dnsserver you are using and the Sendpkm you are using, set up sendpkm. Ask someone outside your server to try and connect. General troubleshooting: 1. You have someone try and connect, but your DNS Server shows no activity 53 UDP isn't setup properly (DNS server), either you have a firewall on router or PC blocking it, the port isn't forwarded properly or some sort of other firewall/antivirus/something is blocking activity. Try making sure everything works fine port-wise and then restart your PC incase. 2. They try and connect to conntest.nintendowifi.net twice and then fail (Shows up in DNS) It's connecting to your DNS but isn't properly forwarding it along, could be that the DNS that your DNS server script is redirecting the 'buypass'es too is having issues at the moment, could be other things. Basically it means your DNS is working, but redirecting is having issues. I've noticed getting this the most when I was downloading stuff on the computer (torrents, steam games, etc). Basically your connection sometimes is so maxed out that it can't evne properly redirect them, or bother to in time before the time out. 3. They connect to conntest.nintendowifi.net but fail connecting to nas.nintendowifi.net Having an illegal pokemon in your party is usually the culprit. 4. The DNS server shows that it's forwarding gamestats2.gs.nintendowifi.net to "Insert IP", however there is no activity on my sendpkm server Check to make sure that nothing was started after your sendpkm went up that might use port 80, common culprits are webservers (Apache, IIS, etc), and Skype. It's also possible that for some reason the port isn't forwarded correctly (port 80) so the request isn't even getting there, despite the DNS knowing where to go. 5. People are complaining that pokemon they receive are in ball capsules, poisoned, or have super awkward stats! You used a box pokemon, sendpkm (all versions posted in the thread) are to be used ONLY with Party pokemon. While there are cases when you can use box pokemon you shall not do so as it requires every person to have 6 pokemon in their party for things to go smoothly. ONLY USE PARTY POKEMON -- If there's anything else that pops up I'll add it.
  4. You would need a LOT of people to slow it to a crawl. Let's say you have decent DSL My ISP has an Upload of 512 kbps Ends up being like 64 kBps (My math might be off) [Capital B is bytes, converting to Bytes for easier explanation] So each file I sent is 236 Bytes, and I can have 64,000 Bytes per second going out at a time. In other words I could upload to 271 people at a second, once I go over that limit I'll start lagging. Unless you have a VERY VERY wide database and do VERY VERY popular events, you won't run into this. I posted mine on [spoiler'd due to rule 1 and 2] several times and I've still yet to go over around 60~70 a second MAX, rarely hit 40 a second at high points. With that said also remember that your PC doesn't do much uploading for browsing the web, it does downloading, so you're fine. If you're playing games you may notice slight lag (MMOs). Oh I forgot the other question, no your ISP won't flip out.
  5. Don't use box pokemon. That only happens when you use box pokemon, make sure your file is 236 bytes.
  6. Okay, so it's actually showing in your DNS server that it's trying to connect to conntest.nintendowifi.net (buypass) but it's just not connecting? I had this problem previously where it would try twice, fail, and then attempt. Try restarting both your modem and PC. Saving that, set your Secondary DNS to your Default Gateway.
  7. Very nice program, but you may want to read through the thread, M@T released a GTS_Nuker, which is threaded and allows for multiple pokemon to be sent at the same time even.
  8. If anyone decides to make a thread for it, for sure I'll be all up in it. I'd make one, but I really think it should be something made by one of the people actually releasing stuff here because as you guys release new stuff it should go in the first post in that thread.
  9. Not sure how relevant this is Vlad, but I keep getting the following:
  10. Multiple Connections from a single hosted .pkm None of them can send multiple pokemon to the same person yet because they break after you see the pokemans.
  11. Okay, here's the thing. Replacing 2 with gts.halloforigin.com (Your domain) isn't working at the moment because it can only be redirected by a CNAME, your domain doesn't have it's own IP (The only thing that the dnsserver.py takes at the moment). You can either: A)Talk to your host to get a second IP, my host offers this for 4 dollars a month, maybe yours offers it too B)Wait until CNAME's are working. As for the "2", that would mean that it simply redirects it to your WAN IP (The IP you give out to others to connect to you), if this is not forwarded from your router, your router is refusing it, otherwise if it is, your computer's firewall is refusing it. Check to make sure it's properly forwarded and that your sendpkm script is up.
  12. Iunno I guess the only problem I had with all of that was I had to put it down if I wanted one. It seems most of this was an issue to deal with my modem and my DS, it's all fixed now and everything works fine. :]
  13. If ANYTHING is running on port 80 (Typically an HTTP server) like IIS or Apache GTS_Nuker will not work.
  14. Just a quick question here for Vlad, as I've been getting issues recently. For some reason with the newer DNS server (the one that just toggles 1/2 for internal/external IP) Whenever I'm connecting from MY DS I need to set it to 1 for internal IP, and whhenever I want others to connect I need to set it to 2 for external IP, if I don't do this, it just doesn't work, anything up with this?
  15. I never could get the index.php to work properly even when my DNS server was properly forwarding so I can't say for sure, but it probably needs quite a bit of tweakin'
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