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  1. Does one of the other GTS-programs like the sendpkm.py work?
  2. And exactly the same IP is shown in the textbox of the DNS in HyperGTS? Does the game show any error when you try to enter the GTS? The log of the DNS and the GTS show nothing?
  3. Try to disable your firewall, maybe it still blocks some connections. Don't forget to re-enable it after you tested HyperGTS!
  4. It is a fact that some app uses the port, now you just have to find out which one Any webservers or something like that running? Try closing all running apps and check again if port 80 is still in use.
  5. Which IP does HyperGTS show? Is it the IP of the computer in your home network? Have you set the DNS of your DS to that IP? Are you running a desktop firewall that maybe blocks the connection?
  6. Use a fake GTS server, for example my HyperGTS.
  7. Maybe Skype or some other application is using port 80, just close all applications that are running in the background and try again.
  8. Here is the link to the .net framework: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=333325FD-AE52-4E35-B531-508D977D32A6&displaylang=en (you could also find it in the post with the HyperGTS download)
  9. Just doubleclick it, it has a graphical user interface where you can choose which file to send and some more settings. To use HyperGTS you need Microsoft Windows and the .net framework v3.5 or higher.
  10. I had the same problem, the reason was, that my WLan Network had SSID broadcasting turned off.
  11. Sure I do Which port do you want to configure? If the GTS isn't running on port 80 it won't work because the Game only connects to port 80.
  12. If you are talking about HyperGTS: It would be possible but it is made for a single user so why do you want that? What exactly do you need to know?
  13. If you want to you can set the secondary DNS to the DNS you normally use to connect to the internet (normally the IP of your router). So you can use the "real" GTS when your own GTS is turned off.
  14. Start HyperGTS with "Send Pokemon" not checked, and "Reject Pokemon" and "Send after receive" checked. Then go to the GTS, upload a Pokemon (the game will say you can't send the Pokemon to the GTS but ist is already on your computer), exit the GTS and enter again, you will receive the Pokemon you have uploaded before. You can exit and enter as often as you want, you will receive the Pokemon every time you enter. If you want to clone another Pokemon just upload it and from now on this Pokemon will be sent to you. Sure this will be possible but why do you need it? HyperGTS is made for just a single user at once, so I havn't implemented a logfile.
  15. I have just uploaded HyperGTS 1.01! New features: GTS can now be stopped (and started again of course) resizeable window small bugfixes If you have any problems or suggestions please let me know! HyperGTS_1_01.rar
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