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How to edit memory with batch editor?


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I believe the four related to OT Memories are OT_Memory, OT_TextVar, OT_Intensity, OT_Feeling, which control these values in descending order:
Likewise, if you're editing the memory for the latest "not-OT" handler, there should be "HT" versions of all four.

Which values are legal depend entirely on the Pokémon in question, it's case by case.

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I'm having trouble understanding. I've tried using all properties to see if I find a pattern but it ends up randomizing the memories or gives an error.

Let's say I wanted
Memory type: "{0} chcked the sign with {1}{2}, {4} that {3}."
Area: "at a Mirage spot"
Intensity: "The Pokemon remembers"
Feeling: "It was happy"

Would I put?
.OT_Memory=27 (Since it's the 27th memory down the list?)

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Please familiarize yourself with the features of the batch editor. Right below the text entry region, the program will display the property type AND the property value of the currently loaded PKM in the PKM Editor.

If you want to know specific values, you can edit them onto the PKM then check the raw integer in the batch editor and build an instruction based on its value.

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