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Legit Pokémon Being flagged as hacked?


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So I have a few Problems with Pokémon I legitimately hunted being flagged as hacked for whatever odd reason 

A common Problem I have is pokemon caught in Legends Arceus massive mass outbreaks being flagged as illegal for not being able to match an encounter from origin game 

I also have a few more odd examples:

A greninja I caught in the X&Y friend safari, only iffy thing I did was level it up with hacked rare candies on a different save file than it was caught and I have a whole mess of issues.

An appletun hatched around when SWSH came out that isn't supposed to know a move or something 

A gyrados from the lake of rage with a "HT" problem???

and a floatzle from USUM ultra wormhole with similar problems.


again none of these are hacked or modified and most of them were caught before i even had access to a computer so any insight would be appreciated.  

Screenshot 2023-06-26 115729.png

Screenshot 2023-06-26 115921.png



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