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Gen 9 Specific Edits: Gen 9 Specific Edits: Encounter wanted Tera Raid Pokémon or Rewards

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N.B: This tutorial will focus on Tera Finder. Experienced users can also consider using RaidCalc (a fast C++ multiplatform seed calculator) and/or the PKHeX built-in raid parameter editor.



  1. Load your game on your Switch, save in-game and export your save file (guides here).
    N.B.: It is important you do save in-game during the same day you want to do the editings. Not doing so may result in seeds re-rolls when opening the game.
    N.B. (2): Starting from Tera Finder v1.1.0 users can also do Live RAM edits the seeds while the game is running (this uses a sys-botbase or usb-botbase connection - instructions here).
  2. Make a backup of your save file before doing any editings to it. This is important for safety purposes, in the case you want to roll back at the original state.
  3. Launch Tera Finder and load your save file in, either by clicking Load Save File, or by drag & drop the file itself into the application. The file you have to load is named main. - This step can be omitted if Tera Finder is connected to a Remote Device for RAM Editing.
  4. Click on the Raid Viewer/Editor button (if using Tera Finder as PKHeX plugin, it's located under Tools -> Tera Finder Plugin -> Tera Raid Viewer/Editor).
    Immagine 2023-01-13 152058.png

    Fields Explanation:
    • Seed - Raids in Scarlet & Violet are determined by a 32bit RNG seed, which the game uses to generate Pokémon details/stats and Raid Rewards based on its internal Encounter/Reward tables. Encounter Species, Raid Stars, Rewards, IVs, Nature etc are all tied to the Seed.
    • Content - The Raid Content Type. Different Content Types have different encounter tables. Standard is for 1-5 Stars raids from the base Game. Black is for 6 Stars raids from the base game. Event is for 1-5 Stars raids from Raid Events/Poké Portal News. Event-Mighty is for Unrivaled 7 Stars Raids from Raid Events/Poké Portal News.
    • Den Active - Determines if the Raid is enabled or disabled.
    • LP Harvested - Determines if the League Points have already been harvested from the Raid.
    • Pokémon Info - The Pokémon infos are not directly editable. All the stats/rewards are tied to the Seed and Content Type.
  5. If your goal is to encounter Pokémon with specific details/stats, click on Raid Calculator. If your goal is to encounter raids with specific rewards, click on Reward Calculator.
  6. Set Content and Filters based on the result you want. If you need better explanations for all the available filters/options, please check the wiki pages for the Raid Calculator and the Reward Calculator.

    • The tool generates Raid data based on the Game Progress set in the save file. The Game Progress determines the Stars tiers available as follows:
      Unlocked Tera Raids: Unlocked when the player obtains the Tera Orb (Stars tiers available: 1-2).
      Unlocked 3 Stars: Unlocked when the player conquers the 5th gym (Stars tiers available: 1-2-3).
      Unlocked 4 Stars: Unlocked when the player conquers the 8th gym (Stars tiers available: 1-2-3-4).
      Unlocked 5 Stars: Unlocked when the player conquers the Pokémon League (Stars tiers available: 3-4-5; this locks out from the Tiers 1-2!).
      Unlocked 6 Stars: Unlocked after the player conquers the Accademy Tournament in the post game, and succeds on defeating at least 10 Raid bosses from Stars tiers 4 and 5 (Stars tiers available: 3-4-5-6; this locks out from the Tiers 1-2!).
      Users can eventually manually edit the SAV Progress Flags with the built-in Game Flags Editor.
    • Event Data is loaded from the Save file. If no valid event data is detected, the tool can not generate Event or Event-Mighty raids. Users can eventually import Event Raids (known as Poké Portal News) with the News Importer.
    • Check this page to see the available encounters in the base rom for each Stars tier, or this page for the event encounters.
  7.  Set a Max Calc amount (waiting times for the calculations will be higher depending on that amount; an higher amount will increase the chance to find the wanted results) and click Search. Wait for the calculations to finish. If there are no results, either the encounter you're requesting is not possible at all, or you'll have to increase the Max Calcs amount.
  8. Once you found a viable result, select (left click) the seed you want, right click over it to open the option menu, and select Send Selected Result to Raid Editor. if all went well, the Raid Editor window should now show your wanted Pokémon.
    Senza titolo.png
  9. Close the Raid Calculator (or Reward Calculator) window and the Tera Raid Editor window, then Export your save file. You can now restore the save with JKSV or any other save manager.
  10. Open the game and find the Raid den. The Raid Viewer built in Tera Finder can help you locate raids.

F.A.Q / Troubleshooting:

  • Q) The Tera Finder program/plugin does not start.
    A) The .NET Desktop Runtime 7.0 freamwork is required for the program to work. Make also sure to properly extract the program and place all the dlls in the same folder as the exe. Don't run the program from inside the Zip.
  • Q) I followed the tutorial, but my raids are different than the ones shown in Tera Finder.
    A) Date advances will make the raids to be rerolled. Make sure to save in game at least once during the same day you want to edit the seeds. Connecting online may also cause raid rerolls (particularly, if there are different event raids than the ones in your save file). If you want to share raid online I suggest to save the game after connecting.
  • Q) I want to host edited raids online. Is it safe?
    A) Injected seeds will only produce legal raids. Meaning, these raids could be achieved legitimately within the game. So far seed injection haven't been a cause of bans in any Pokémon game. As always, though, we don't take any responsability. Things may change anytime if Ninty/GF wants to.
  • Q) All cool, but how do I host a Shiny Koraidon (and other illegal raids)?
    A) You don't. Those illegal raids are rom or ram hacks (with high ban risks), not related to seed editing.


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import event from Armarouge and Ceruledge Spotlight but a question mark appears, also it does not let me modify the raid.

Any help as to what might be going on.

Perform many import methods:

By means of Pkhex blocks

Through tera finder

Through terafinder plugins.



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