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Legendary and singular error "Invalid: Initial move mastery flags do not match the encounter's expected state"


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When using the encounter database to be able to obtain the legendary and singular, I get the following error, before the update of 05/08/22 I did not get that error. How can I solve that?,

It happens to me with the following pokemon : Manaphy, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Cresselia. Thank you.


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15 hours ago, Kaphotics said:

Did you use the encounter database before or after updating PKHeX?

Well, my English is not that good so I have translated all this text, I hope you can understand it.
Use the encounter database(EDB) after upgrading, above it says the version of PKHeX.

I came across something curious, the movements generated by the EDB for the trio of the lake are the same as those of serebii, but when one captures them in the game, they have the movements that appear in bulbapedia and only the Swift movement is marked as Mastered, you can see in the first image the one captured in the game and in the second image generated by the EDB.
For Cresselia and Manaphy I also had to be guided by what it says in Bulbapedia and try marking the movements one by one so that just the pkhex marks it as legal.
I don't know if it happens with other pokemon.




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Hello, did you manage to fix it?
I have the same problem after I update my pkhex, and it's not just some legendary/mythical... but also some of pokemon that I caught in wilds and edit it before the update.
if you manage to fix it, can you tell me about it?

Thank you! ^^


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4 hours ago, takamiii said:

if you manage to fix it, can you tell me about it?

Open Tools > Data > Batch Editor in PKHeX, and run this command to have PKHeX automatically suggest move mastery flags:

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