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SWSH BDSP PLA - Birthday Happiny


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A birthday Happiny has been announced! Starting from November 1st 2021, it will be distributed to SWSH. Players can receive the serial code from Pokémon Centers during their birthday month.

This event has been announced in Japan and Singapore.

They plan to add this distribution to BDSP and PLA once those games are out.

In the mean time, this is the info on the Mystery Gift server for SWSH:

Given that both SG and JP's distribution start on the same date, they may choose to use the same wonder card for both.

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2 hours ago, cc9 said:

Do we know for certain if the SG codes uses the same wondercard as the Japanese ones? 

Yes. As there’s only one wonder card. And that one wonder card has English details under English.

previous version of Pokémon Center birthday mon had a Japanese wonder card and English wonder card separate.

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