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(someone help me!!) pkhex input file is too large error


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first, sorry for my bad english skill. I'm korean and I use translater.

today I want to play poketmon DP with only turtle type poketmon.

so I downloaded latest version of pkhex(211001) and try to import save file.

file style that I try to import was dsv and I played it until I receive Pokédex. 

but I can't use pkhex because file import was refused with [input file is too large.] message.

I need help.

have a nice day.

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EDIT: As @theSLAYER said, PKHeX should support DSV, so save in-game and retry.


I suppose you are using DeSmuME. You can't directly use DSV files in PKHeX, you have to export a 512KB SAV file (File>Export Backup Memory).

Then you have to reimport the modified file (File > Import Backup Memory).




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PKHeX normally can load dsv anyway.

Given how little context we've gotten, I can only assume this user never saved with the in-game menu, and only used save states of the emulator.

Please save using the in-game menu (not the emulator menu) twice, then close the emulator, then load the DSV into PKHeX.

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