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Certain time based events not occurring in Pokémon Platinum?

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Not sure if this is a rom issue or a save issue, but I'm having an issue on my emulated version of Pokémon Platinum version in which certain time based events aren't happening. For instance, the house in the Survival Area in which you can battle different gym leaders each day just stays on whatever the default set of trainers was at the time you first entered. Another example would be the massage lady in Veilstone City only does the massage once and then just keeps telling you to come back tomorrow.

Strangely, other events work just fine. Going back to the survival area, the rival battle there that only happens on the weekend works just fine. All of the day/night stuff also works completely fine. 

Does anyone know what the issue here is and if there is a solution. For reference, I'm playing on the emulator DeSmuMe v0.9.12, and the only edits I've made to the rom were that I put it through the Universal Pokémon Randomizer but only to remove trade evolutions. Thanks. 

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