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What is the proper way to change a pk1 or pk2 to a pk7?

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When I was testing out transferring a gen 2 pokemon to gen 7 with pkhex it gave me the error that the pokemon didnt go through the correct transfer methods.

Im assuming that because of the massive differences between gen 1/2 and gen 7 that I must first push the Gen 2 to a gen 4 or 5 or something befor going to gen 7. 

So can anyone give me the rundown on how I would do this? i heard mention of a program called PK2PK but i havent looked into it. Just curious how I would do it in PKHex and what is the save/appropriate method of accomplishing this. 

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Open 2 windows of PKHeX.

Have window (A) load a gen 1 save, have window (b) open a gen 2 save of the same language,
then click and hold a pk in window (A), and without letting go, drag into a PC slot in window (B), then let it go.

[you can also do (b) -> (a)]

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Posted (edited)

Just to add to what @theSLAYER said: this works for transfers that would legitimately be allowed in the real games. That is:

  • back and forth between Gen 1 and 2 (for Gen 1 Pokémon)
  • Gen 3 to Gen 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8
  • Gen 4 to Gen 5, 6, 7 or 8
  • Gen 5 to Gen 6, 7 or 8
  • Gen 1, 2 or 6 to Gen 7 or 8
  • Gen 7 to Gen 8
  • Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee to Gen 8

This always assumes a non-dexited Pokémon if going into Gen 8, of course, and any transfer to Gen 8 will technically be illegal without a HOME tracker.

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