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gen5 B2W2 Trainer Records offsets (research)


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I've been tracking down offsets for trainer records in B2W2 for a while, figured I might as well share them here in case there was any interest in making it editable or if they're curious or whatever. I'm calling them "trainer records" because they're things the game keeps track of and I'm not sure what else to call them. 

Also full disclosure, I've been using BWTool to dump the specific Trainer Records save block, I don't know shit about encrypting/decrypting anything, so full credit to suloku for making this possible at all. The offsets listed in Trainer Records assume the block is the only thing you're looking at, rather than the full save, and that it's been decrypted. These are all the ones I was able to figure out that don't seem to have documentation already.


Number of passers-by encountered: 0x21120 (actually stored in the Trainer Data/Bag/Sayings block, this is the only one like this that I've found)
Times fished: 0x20 -- 0x21 (Stored in Trainer Records)
White Treehollow/Black Tower Battles: 0xC4-C5 (Trainer Records)
Join Avenue Shops Created: 0x018E --0x018F (Trainer Records)
Souvenirs received: 0x0192 -- 0x0193 (Trainer Records)
People guided: 0x018C -- 0x018D (Trainer Records)
Times challenged battle subway -- 0x0C0 -- 0x0C1 (Trainer Records)
Pokemon evolved: 0x28 -- 0x29 (Trainer Records)
Balloon Minigame Points: 0x1E0 -- 0x1E1 (Trainer Records)
Times played balloon minigames: 0x190 -- 0x191 (Trainer Records)
Pass Powers Times Used 0xB4 -- 0xB5 (Trainer Records) 


Hope I've formatted this correctly. Presumably these are all signed, though I'm not really tech savvy enough to call that for sure and am going off the knowledge that offsets of this nature in this game were also signed. 

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Just for those that don't want to do the DS <-> DS transferring to play it, here's the score for the Poké Transfer mini-game. Keep in mind that whichever offset you edit, the game will update to reflect the change to the other one regardless.

BW = 0x21214 or 0x45214
B2W2 = 0x21118 or 0x47118

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Posted (edited)

i tried to get medals legally(?) to edit trainer records
but sure it's so difficult to research in the encrypted data
use PokeTrainerS can edit a few parts of them
i think the best way is edit in RAM just like the way in RSE&FRLG
but i can't find a decrypt code
these are all my researches but many medals are not caused by them
  0 steps
  4 times saved
  8 cleared time
  C times biked
 10 total battles
 14 wild pokemon battles
 18 NPC trainer battles
 1C pokemon caught
 20 times fished
 24 eggs hatched
 28 pokemon evolved
 2C healed?
 30 link trades?
 34 link battles?
 38 link battle wins?
 3C link battle losses?
 40 wifi trades?
 44 wifi battles?
 48 wifi battle wins?
 4C wifi battle losses?
 50 (no data here)
 54 times shopped
 58 money spent
 5C TV watched
 60 daycare sent
 64 pokemon defeat
 68 highest EXP got
 6C EXP got today
 70 GTS sent
 74 mail sent
 78 nicknames given
 7C premium ball got
 80 nimbasa stadiums battles
 84 BP got
 88 BP used
 8C (no data here)
 90 ir trades?
 94 ir battles?
 98 ir battle wins?
 9C ir battle losses?
 A0 (no data here)
 A4 (no data here)
 A8 fly used(not recorded in bw)
 AC trash box inspected
 B0 hidden item found
 B4 pass power used
 B8 entralink caught
 BC move nice effect
 C0 pokewood level reached?
 C4 treehollow trainer defeated
 C8 ballon score
 CC pokewood highest box office?
 D0 pokewood total box office?
 D4~118 (not used)?
11C championship won
-11E rested at home
120 splash used
-122 struggle used
124 move no effect
-126 own pokemon fainted
128 friendlyfire?
-12A failed run
12C pokemon run
-12E failed fishing
130 pokemon defeat high
-132 pokemon defeat today
134 pokemon caught high
-136 pokemon caught today
138 defeat trainer high
-13A defeat trainer today
13C pokemon evolved high
-13E pokemon evolved today
140 fossil restored
-142 spin trade times
144~16C  (not used)?
170 feeling check times
-172 musical attempt?
174 musical wins
-176 musical attempt?
178 (no data here)
--17B musical fans meet(>=2F)
17C (no data here)
180 battle institute tested
184 battle institute wins
-186 battle institute score
188 vending machine used
-18A royal unova ride
18C avenue joins
-18E avenue shops
190 minigames played
-192 souvenirs got
194 pokewood movie created

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Posted (edited)

some of the medals are caused by flags but i don't know if they are changed by event directly

it's probably that records data will be checked when the game start and turns the flags on

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