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Finally, caught the last one as I arrived at work this morning.


You should hopefully get Dark finished today Tiffany, Purrloin seems to be spawning quite frequently.

Make 3 Excellent Throws in a row rewards Gible if you can find that task. Your local Pogo community might be posting when Gible and Noibat spawn, we've been messaging each other when spawns have been sighted. Although still pretty rare we seem to have been averaging a few reports a day recently.

For Ghost i've noticed Gastly seems to spawn on an morning / evening between events which affect wild spawns.

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yes i almost complete dark list haha holy event >.<

Dark 26/30 purloin 

Ghost 14/30 between Gastly/Drifblim

Dragon 7/30 found some gibble with the field task you said 

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I managed to get the pk8 file, but I can't garantee if it is a legit one, since I didn't receive it myself, and there is no specific data on here or on Serebii for me to check. It looks very fishy for me that it seems to be 6IV guaranteed, but PKHex says everything is ok with it. Anyway, here is the file. Any thoughts?

(file removed)


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Preferably, we'll also need screenshots of (1) it in GO, (2) the stats it has in GO, (3) images of the transfer process (both in GO and HOME), and (4) it being in HOME.


I have many reasons to doubt this Mew, and think that it is simply a genned file.

Alternatively, you could just wait for a copy we upload.

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