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SWSH - Pokescrap '20

Saul oseguera

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8 hours ago, SkyLink98 said:

Wondercards are already dumped, but as far as I can tell the official site doesn't allow yet to redeem the codes.

Edit; Nevermind got confused by timezones

uh question i got the codes from these events but since you can't redeem them yet should i wait till 21 November to be safe? Or is it okay?


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3 minutes ago, theSLAYER said:

Erm. It makes sense if you played with Pokemon Scraps before.

You gotta buy items/merchandise that provides scraps. The most obvious examples is buying new Japanese TCG packs.

Yeah I figured something like that I was just a little surprised that the website didnt explain it at all xD I think I’ll wait for the mystery gift data to be in the database and just gen them in. Cant be arsed to order japanese TCG and wait for them to ship to the US 

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