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  1. Edit; Nevermind got confused by timezones uh question i got the codes from these events but since you can't redeem them yet should i wait till 21 November to be safe? Or is it okay?
  2. 132 - メタモン - 9968DA198543.pk8
  3. I sent you a private message with your wooloo file
  4. I will enter the link code in a few minutes. I am stuck in the story plot line right now lol. IGN hello there
  5. Hello i can help. Please trade me a low level pokemon you caught
  6. Maybe the person had a Japanese 3ds with the japanese game but they wanted to play the game in english so when they redeemed the code the pokemon will have the english name.
  7. I thought you needed at least one pokemon in all the current pc boxes then get out of the pc. Then check the pc boxes again and box 32 should appear
  8. Just to let you know shiny Zeraora is illegal i got a extra Marshadow and non shiny zeraora for you. I will add you on discord.
  9. You want this Ultra sun savefile to work as a Ultra Moon savefile? Your savefile as a lot of problems. Like illegal mons and pokemon like the gen 8 which shouldn't even be there. Anyways here is your savefile for Ultra Moon. I hope it works. maingen8
  10. I had that happen before. Not sure how to fix it but i just restarted my laptop and switch and checked if the IP adress that was inserted in pkhex was correct and it worked.
  11. I am curious how are you able to transfer the pokemons from the citra emulator. Do you just upload the savefile on pkhex? Then allow someone else with a hacked switch to inject them in their savefile via pkhex?
  12. I would love to help but yeah the getting the TID/SID is the smartest way . Please sent me a message So we can arrange a trade so i can get the TID/SID Let's hope timezones won't be much of a problem. I edited to show pics of the pokemon. I just need the correct TID and SID.
  13. Hey I can if timezones allows us. Lol. Just tell me your ign and a link code and let's hope we can find time to trade . My ign will be Hello there.
  14. I don't use Citra emulator so not sure how that works with the savefile but your pkhex is set up for Sword/Shield. Maybe change the setting from Sword/shield to Pokemon moon?
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