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Hey i just dont let anyone off easy this test is tough so you've been warned your clamied to fail......

1.Name all 7 of eevee's envoled forms and how you get them(worth 9 points

2.umbreon and espeon there super different so what makes these to a winning teams you'll have to own them to find out (there are two resons so this is worth 2 points)

3.what colors are they when *shiny* (8 points)

4.umbreon and espeon learn a healing move that goes with there sun 'n' moon thing going on this is a later move (worth 2 points)

5.almost every game offers one male eevee uasally the same person <example-you always get badges from gym leaders and always annoyed by your rivail>

what person is this (worth 1 point)

6.since i'm so kind i'll post some pics to help out sorta......not really but enjoy

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1. Flareon-fire stone; vaporeon-water stone; jolteon-thunder stone; umbreon-level up at maximum happiness during night; espeon-level up at maximum happiness during day; glaceon-level up at icy rock near snowpoint city; leafeon-level up at mossy rock in eterna forest.

2. ¿?

3. flareon-brown; jolteon-green; vaporeon-purple; umbreon-yellow thing is blue; espeon-green; glaceon-wannabe white; leafeon-lighter colors

4. morning sun & moonlight

5. the guy of the PC system (Bill, Bebe etc)

6. thnks =)

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1. Flareon - Fire Stone

Vaporeon - Water Stone

Jolteon - Thunder Stone

Espeon - Happiness Day

Umbreon - Happiness Night

Leafeon - Level Up Eterna Forest

Glaceon - Level Up Route 217

2. Apart from "Bug", they cover each others weakness (psychic beats fighting beats dark beats ghost beats psychic)

Helping Hand + Power Swap. If used repeatedly, attack stats can be boosted to the max.

3.Eevee - Dark Grey (G2) White (G3, G4)

Flareon - Orange (G2) Gold (G3) Brown (G4)

Vaporeon - Purple

Jolteon - Darker yellow (G2) Green (G3, G4)

Espeon - Green

Umbreon - Purple/Blue (G2) Teal/Aqua (G3, G4)

Leafeon - Slightly more saturated (hard to notice)

Glaceon - White

4. Espeon - Morning Sun

Umbreon - Moonlight

5. Your question is wrong, but whatever.

Found in Celadon Mansion in Red, Blue, Yellow, Firered, Leafgreen

Gifted by Bill in Gold, Silver, Crystal, Heartgold, Soulsilver

Gifted by Bebe in Diamond, Pearl, Platinum

Starter Pokemon in xD

Not available in Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Coliseum

Also available for purchase in the Game Corner for 6666 coins in Gold, Silver




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1. All to get with evolution stones

Vaporeon- crumb of water, Jolteon- crumb of thunder, Flareon- fiery crumb, Espeon- delicious lollipop, Umbreon- delicious lollipop, Leafeon-

mossy boulder, Glaceon- frozen boulder

3. Vaporeon- purple, Jolteon- green, Flareon- brown, Espeon- green, Umbreon- blue circles ;-;, Leafeon- like more green, Glareon- like more blue

4. Umbreon- moonlight, Espeon- morning sun

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