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Event Pokémon Database: IV's

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Hey all!

Would you please add to the individual Pokémon Mystery Gifts in the the Event Pokémon Database an additional category of displayed information for Individual Values? The simple fact is that most Pokémon Mystery Gifts in the database have some number of fixed IV values.

It would be nice to know if Pokémon Mystery Gift in the the Event Pokémon Database has some number of fixed IV's without having to down the event from the website and find a matching editor just to see that said Legendary has 3 fixed IVs all set to a value of 31.

You could have the database show something simple like the following examples:

  1. Random
  2. 3 Random Fixed (All 31)
  3. All Fixed (31/0/31/31/31/0)

I feel it would be benefical to most.

(Yes, I do understand this would likely be a massive undertaking so I understand if it's events going forward only OR Gen 8 going forward only.)

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IV information is already displayed on the website for Pokemon with wonder cards. Check the displayed markings.
For example, this one is 31/?/31/31/31/?

and this one has 3 random 31 IVs



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