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Zeraora Wild Pokemon Modifier Code

(works on both Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon)

if it doesn't work change YY to any number below 99.

[Wild Pokemon Modifier v1.0]


005B9FC0 E1D500B0

005B9FC4 E12FFF1E

005B9FC8 E5C40004

005B9FCC E59F0000

005B9FD0 E12FFF1E

005B9FD4 00000327

005B9FD8 000000YY

003A7298 EB084B48

003A72A8 EB084B44

003A72C4 EB084B3D

DD000000 00000004

005B9FC4 E59F000C

D0000000 00000000


Now catch and enjoy your new Zeraora! Extra Mythical and Legends are listed below.

If you change the code on row six from 327 each time you can catch a different mythical or legendary pokemon every time.


326 - Blacephalon

325 - Stakataka

323 - Poipole

322 - Marshadow

321 - Magearna

320 - Necrozma

289 - Genesect

288 - Meloetta

287 - Keldeo

286 - Kyurem

284 - Zekrom

283 - Reshiram

182 - Deoxys

181 - Jirachi

180 - Rayquaza

097 - Mew

096 - Mewtwo


I'll add a lot more codes once I've researched what is what and which ones doesn't work (a lot of pokemon don't match their number at all!).

All encounters are Level 1 unless you change YY value.

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It looks like These numbers are hexadecimal conversions of the pokedex number so mewtwo dex #150 is 096 hedadecimal, use a decimal(dex #) to hexadecimal (code#) converter to find other Pokémon you want 

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There's something in this code causing pokemons to appear as the original from instead of alolan form and sticks even after cheat is turned off. Is there anything I can change in the code?

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