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Wild Area News: Common Questions and other info

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What is "Wild Area News"?

In Gen 8, Promoted/Event Raids has been introduced as a way for players to try to encounter (and potentially catch) mons that were event exclusive, or have the stuff that are harder to find normally to have a more common encounter rate.

Examples of event exclusives:
Gigantamax Snorlax, Gigantamax Toxtricity, Gigantamax Milcery, Flavored Gigantamax Alcremie, Bulbasaur Line, Squirtle Line

Examples of 'harder to find normally"
Any of the featured Gigantamaxes (normally 5-10% rare den only, normally 5* only)


How does one update the "Wild Area News" in game?

Either grab a Mystery Gift in-game (serial or wireless)
or use the Mystery Gift -> Update Wild Area News option.

How are they stored in the save?

They are stored as 4 different blocks on the save.
PKHeX can dump them via the Block Data button.image.png

The 4 blocks are KBonusRewards, KDaiEncount, KDropRewards and KNormalEncount.

The files have been seen on the Event Gallery. How can users import them?

Download the .rar, extract the 4 files from inside the archive, and import the 4 files into the corresponding blocks.
There is a tutorial regarding blocks importing.

All 4 files must be imported from the same index to make the raids appear in-game?


What are Indexes?

Indexes are the way we implemented to differentiate the various changes to the Wild Area News files made by the server.
Indexes can be observed from the files.

So far, the first byte in the file denotes the index of the file, and whenever the server updates the Wild Area News,
and the server always increments the Index by one, even if the raids are the same.

While the index on the first byte is in Hexadecimal, we name the archive in Decimal.
(So 0x0E as 14, for example)

As an example, when a certain event is ongoing (A), and they interrupt (A) with a different event (B).
When (B) ends and they go back to (A), as opposed to using the original index (A) had, they (so far) +1 to (B).

At some times, there is no rhyme and reason to why the servers change indexes for the same event distribution.

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