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  1. ok firstly i know how to use pkhex ive been using for a couple of years now secondly i edit the box and follow the steps to put the rom back onto the cart after using the hex editor and when i check the pc nothing is there but as i said its fine this is a patch that i applied to this game before i even commented on this forum but it doesnt really matter ive found out that this patch has caused problems for pk hex in the past i did not realize that until now aka pk hex will edit the save and show everything the user has put but in game the edits do not appear but its meh i can still edit my party and thats whats most important to me atm
  2. so i now have a new problem it lets me keep my edited party and bag but the pokemon in the box are not there in game it may be because i did change the game to moemon emerald but idk update so if i edit the pokemon in the party it shows them in game so its all good i can just move to them to the pc in game then use the party to edit pokemon if i need to thank you for all your help after all these months i can finally edit this cart the way i want to
  3. so the hex editor wont let me open 2 windows for the program like many other programs do nvm the program uses tabs but calls them windows so every time i save with the hex editor it saves the files as files not .gba files should i add .gba to the name to change it into a gba file or no? nvm i got the cart to work with the edits this time thank you for all of your help :DDDDDDD!!!!
  4. thank you so much for helping me i will do this when i get the chance to sit down memorize and try it out and if i mess up the save ill just start over its no big deal but thank you so much for helping me with this issue. but do you know how or why this cartridge will not keep save data for any other game except pokemon emerald? for example if i change the game on the cartridge to hamtaro ham ham heartbreak it will not keep the save data no matter what it only keeps save data for pokemon emerald
  5. Ok so how do I go about doing this? It's been awhile since I last hex edited
  6. so i do i inject the save into the rom? im just now reading this because ive been waiting this device is awesome but uploading a rom or a save takes forever its finally almost done at 2:37 am im gonna cry lolz
  7. thats what im doing right now im uploading the save to the cart sorry as ive said its late so im not thinking completely
  8. how would i write it back?? and ok also the program that comes with the gb operator is what im using to write the save back to the cart its also 2:09 am so im going to bed thank you for helping me if i have a issue ill respond tomarrow
  9. hmmm correction i just downloaded the game from the cart i had already done so but i didnt know that the copy i had was the only copy i just got the new save this time after downloading the game so i have 1 question is it possible to edit and upload the save back into the cart? thank you a lot for helping me understand this cart more but i dont know why if i change the game on the cart i cant get it to keep save files unless its pokemon emerald and i dont understand why that happens
  10. i did quick search and it only gave me the 1 save file and yes it is the old one im uploading a pic of the current one
  11. ok i did a quick search do you want me to do a full search with the program? save0-2022-02-19 01-42-35-0xFC0000-halfpatched.sav ok so i just put that save i just uploaded here into pk hex and it loads the old save back from 2019 when i had finished the game and beat the elite four which is weird because thats not the current save file the current save file i have started over and only have gotten up to where wally trys to catch a raltz so its weird that this program pulled the old save file
  12. into the emulator??? correction apparently the vba emulator does not read the save at all so then why does the cart give this save file???
  13. i open vba then open the game (pokemon emerald) then click file --> import --> battery file and choose this save and then reset the emulator using crtl r and it reads the save but if i export the save from vba pk hex can read it but only the copy of the save directly from the cart is the one pk hex can not read
  14. that is the save from the cart but pk hex still gives me the binary error
  15. ive looked at hex coding before but im not the best at it however i have done it before and got whatever it was i was doing at the time to work correctly (i like to mess around stuff tech wise to see what i can and cant do ive done all kinds of stuff before) Pokemon - Emerald Version (USA, Europe).sav
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