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Encounter Type PID mismatch


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Gee, if only there were threads with the same exact title requesting help for this exact same issue.

These "legality error codes" aren't cryptic; just google them and you'll find topics discussing them. And if that fails, the source code is public, and you can find where the legality messages are being yielded.


You're playing on an emulator, which doesn't emulate the retail hardware precisely. Minor inaccuracies -> invalid PKM, occasionally.


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Short answer:

Just now, Chaostic said:

In here I made it legal. You're welcome.

256 - COMBUSKEN - 5D162316CBE9.pk3 100 B · 2 downloads

Make it as an egg it's not a solution...

Just now, Mauri said:

Hi all. I used PKHeX with my Crystal and Yellow saves, without any problem. Now I'm starting to play Emerald version, but for some reason my starter (Combusken) seems to be invalid, even if I haven't made any changes yet. What could be the problem?


Combusken.pk3 100 B · 1 download Pokemon Emerald.sav 128 kB · 1 download

If you want to fix your Pokémon assign Method 1.

Next time search, as @Kaphoticssays.

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