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PID question on Gen 4 shiny Pokémon


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First of all, this is my first time asking on this site I think, so if I created this topic in the wrong place or I broke the rules on accident, sorry in advance! But I have something to ask that intrigues me.

On the start of playing Pokémon Moon, when Pokémon Bank was made compatible with Gen 7 years ago, I sent a lot of shiny legendary Pokémon from Gen 4, made them appear as shiny with an emulator, then resetting their encounters with another code a ton of times to encounter them infinitely, and sent from R4 to real cartridge to be transfered. Doing this, the PKHex program recognizes the PID of these mons as invalid on the shininess, as it would be expected.

One of these Pokémon was Shaymin. From those days of giving shiny legendaries, now only 2 shiny Shaymin remain with me. Checking PKHex on my Moon save now, however, I found something a bit astonishing: one of the Shaymin's PID matched its supposedly fake shininess. All was legal, the program said... I know if you add shiny with the program on Gen 3 and 4 mons, the PID will not match no matter how you roll it unless you use an advance PID separated program

...that means that one Shaymin I encountered was actually a legit, full odds shiny? I'm legit curious and that would be awesome.

Also, on a side note, I no longer do those types of things with emulators anymore. In fact I hope to reset for my first shiny legendary Pokémon soon!

Anyway, cheers, I hope someone could answer me!

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2 minutes ago, Kaphotics said:

Depends how the cheat code made the PKM shiny.

Most people would say that the fact that you had a pkm altering cheat code enabled => pkm isn't "legit"; just legal.

I don't know how this code worked exactly but, for reference, all other Pokémon that were gotten by it (I still have some of other species) all said the PID is a mismatch, verifying the shininess is provoked. Only that Shaymin has a matching PID even being shiny.

Of course all mismatching PIDs are non-legit shinies, I'm aware of that, but the fact that there's one that does so makes me question if that one was a real, legit shiny... but who knows huh

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