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SwSh ROM Information

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(Note: I know that the games aren´t out yet of the time i´m making this and i know that this is way too early to start having ANY type of discussion on this subject, so DO NOT yell at me about it,ok?! i just wanted to post this ahead of time just so i don´t have to worry about towards the game´s release date. any type of contribution to this would be appriciated. thank you for your understanding! now, let´s get show on the road,but not really lol.)

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With the realese of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield getting ever so closer to releasing worldwide, i thought i would be a good time to make this thread. this thread will be focusing on everything that is contained inside the game from game text and story text, encounter tables, trainers, model locations, and soooo much more! 

(Another note: a ton of the information that i talk about as the time of writing this/posting this will most likely exist during the SwSh Datamine later on,probably about a week or so before the games release, as i would assume in the instance that a review copy or multiple review copies get sent out  and the entire ROM gets leaked on 4chan, just like it did for SM and USUM. but who knows tbh. that´s just my opinion. anything can happen at this point.)


This thread will be updated as the games are either officially released worldwide(assuming there will be no review copies distributed or the ROM won´t be dumped) or when the ROM of either version gets dumped or leaked online(assuming that a review copy or multiple get sent out and expect this to be like the 7th gen games/the 3DS era all over again lol).



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12 hours ago, theSLAYER said:

Given that you intend for this thread to be about documentation of details from within the game, including game/story text, encounter tables etc, I’m shifting this to the research section.

that´s fine. i just didn´t know where to put this since this is the very first thread i have ever posted here and all. i just noticed that the switch guides and other resources section was empty and all so i just decided to put something there just for the sake of having something there. i might make a seperate thread about models, animations, etc. there instead along with a tutorial later on after Sword and Shield´s release about how to edit models/textures/animations and stuff of some sort.

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Since its of interest to some people, I removed the forced gym uniforms by returning 1 (E0 03 00 32 C0 03 5F D6) from the function at .text + 0x13AD310

Theres a few tables in .data containing string + function pointer pairs used by the LUA interface i believe, which makes things easy fwiw.

Alternatively just replace the function pointer with the CommandNOP function GF already made at .text + 0x13B0130

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