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Downloaded Battle Institute scenarios?


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I don't know where else to put this, but I think it's worth looking over.

So I got back to playing Gen 5 again when I came across the Battle Institute building. Similar to the PWT, there's an option to allow you to download scenarios and battle against them...except I don't recall ANY being distributed during the game's relevance. From what I heard only one of these ever got released, but other than that I've ran into nothing else. I know Gen 6 had the same building so I'm not sure if the supposed scenario was for those games and/or Japan only.

If these generations truly had no Battle Institute scenarios distributed at all then maybe someone could look into it and possibly re-enable the features through something custom like the PWT download tournaments. Also, if one single scenario did get distributed, to my knowledge it hasn't been preserved yet. Either way, for such a forgettable feature of these generations I think someone should look into this.

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I couldn't find any way to re-create a custom Battle Institute test, but I was able to edit a DLC test record! In B2W2, the Battle Institute records are stored in the block 0x23700 - 0x237A7.

                                                        battleinstitute1.PNG           battleinstitute2.PNG

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