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Hey guys, if you're interested, I made my own Google Calendar for Pokémon events. Here are the relevant URLs:

The dates and times are for Eastern Standard time, which is 14 hours behind Tokyo, Japan.

SCV, if you're interested and want to talk about implementing it in the site, feel free to AIM or E-Mail me at my username at GMail and I'll set you up with admin privileges and stuff. If you don't want to use it, I may just post a link in a relevant forum and run the thing myself. :P

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Could I suggest ideas for styles/themes here, 'cause I think that a nostalgic PKMDB theme from before and after late 2008 would be pretty cool. That, and a version of PP before it started using themes. Or maybe a "H4XX0R3D" style. And maybe a Gen I styles (RG, B, Y), Gen II styles (GS, C), Gen III styles (RS, FRLG, E), and Gen IV styles (DP, Pt, HGSS). It would be really cool if you had the option to seperate each style (like D, P, Pt, HG, or SS exclusive ones) or combination ones (like HGSS, DP, DPPt, DPPtHGSS, or any combination of same Generation games). Although, that could take a while to make, unless you do what a PSP/PS3 does, and give a current style (used for the general colour of the site's background) and current theme (used for menus and headings). There are just so many possible styles and themes!

Edit: I just remembered that I tried going on Fenzo's dead site earlier, looking to see if he still had the events, only to see some old artwork. It said the site was under construction. Is that code for "closed forever" or is there really something in the works?

Edit Edit: Never mind. It said "may or may not be under construction".

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Got another one for you! I'm not sure how extendable or whatever the forum software is, but you know how when you attach a file, there is a little icon to indicate the file type, kinda like for a zip file?


Is it possible to add a Poké Ball icon for a .PKM file?


Or better yet, can the icon be one of the storage box icons from the game indicating which Pokémon is attached? [iCON]025[/iCON] EDIT: or better still, an HGSS overworld sprite, which would go so far as to indicate gender and shininess? [OVRSPRITE]025[/OVRSPRITE]

Not a very important feature, but I think it would be a nifty aesthetic.



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Noticing spambot activity on this forum recently, I'd like to suggest the use of the StopForumSpam plugin.

PokemonGTS uses this plugin, we haven't had a spambot in well, forever.

What StopForumSpam does is check every registration detail against their database of spammers/bots, and they have a considerably extensive database.

I'd also suggest that links cannot be posted in signatures/posts unless there is at least 1 post count or more.

StopForumSpam's website: http://www.stopforumspam.com/

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