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New Sprite Replacement Tool for Gen 4 Games

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Hi!  This is my first time making a modding tool.  One day I was modding Pokemon Platinum, and thought "I wish there was a tool that was easier to use".  And so, here we are.  

Credit to loadingNOW and SCV for the original programs.  

Games supported:

Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heartgold, Soulsilver

Program features:

Load, view, and export Pokemon sprites from the main sprite narc for the supported games.  

Load, view, and insert sprites form bmp, gif, or png images

Allows splitting of spritesheets with the 'Canvas splitter' option

Lazy conversion for GBA-style sprites into DS-style sprites(64x64 to 160x80)

Auto-conversion of non-indexed images(where possible)

Fixes unsupported colors(ie, colors that don't follow the 'rule of 8')

Allows importing of 256x64 full spritesheets(aka APSE formatted images)

Includes a tool that attempts to match the palettes of images that were not created to be together(rarely succeeds)  

What the program does NOT do:

Support for alternate-form narcs

Height adjustment

How to use:

1.) Download both files

2.) Read the readme(highly recommended; some features are difficult to understand)

3.) Run the tool

4.) Post any bugs or suggestions here!


If you see any mistakes or omissions in this post, please let me know!

Thanks for listening, and I hope this helps some people!



It has now been over two months with no bugs reported.  Either there aren't any, or nobody cares enough to report them.  Either way, I've put this off long enough.

I've never posted a project on github before, so I just hope I did it right:  




A wonderful tutorial was done by Jay-San on youtube, so if you're confused about anything, this might help!

A link to Jay-San's DS Pokehacking Discord server: https://discord.gg/cTKQq5Y

GenIVSpriteEditor.exe Readme.txt


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I don't know if this tool is even being worked on anymore but I wanted to use it to give some genderless pokemon, namely legendaries, a male and female sprite, sadly it seems this tool can't do that, I'm not sure if its a limitation from the games or just something that was never considered but it'd be nice if this feature could be added. As of right now, the tool resets any sprites added to legendary pokemon female(or male if the legendary is female) whenever you change to another pokemon in the list, and doesn't save even with ctrl+W. Thanks for making the tool regardless.

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