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Did you catch em all?

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my games:

pkm red 151/151 (mew glitch)

pkm blue 151 /151 mew glitch

pkm yellow 140/151

pkm gold 251/251

pkm silver 248/251

pkm crystal 251 /251

ruby 386/386

saphire i dont know cause i lost it

emerald 386/386

fire red 198/ 386

leaf green never bought it i borrowed it some time ago

diamond 493/493 (tru arceus)

pearl 493/493 /tru arceus)

platinum 493/493

next HG and SS (MARCH )

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Actually, yes, I did.

Red, Blue, and Yellow: 151/151 (each)

Crystal: 251/251

Sapphire: 386/386

Emerald: 342/386 (still working on it >_<)

Diamond: 493/493

Platinum: 271/493 (I never cared much for Platinum, I was too lazy to go back and do ALL the work I did on Diamond all over again)

SoulSilver: 395/493 (currently playing this one...)

As you can see, for each generation I have at least one game with the Pokedex filled.

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