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USUM - Cap PIkachu Redemption (Round 2) US EU JP


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Hoenn, SInnoh, Unova, Kalos and Alola caps were distributed to celebrate the upcoming Let's Go Pikachu release.
This event is for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon only.

In my next post, I'll detail the timeline for this event (cause I want to document the screw-up)

News posts:


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Note: My time is all based on AEDT, undergoing DST at time of writing.

07-Nov-2018 04:29am - Kirzi noticed Pikachu events were uploaded onto the server. [apparently they were uploaded on the 6th]
07-Nov-2018 04:48am - I noticed they weren't on the server (they were removed)
08-Nov-2018 03:25pm - Kirzi noticed that the bulk of events went back onto the server.
08-Nov-2018 04:53pm - Kirzi tweeted about noticing that some French Cards were in English.
08-Nov-2018 07:15pm - Having a conversation with Sabresite and Rochi, and Sabresite mentioned that Ultra Sun Kalos, Unova, Alola FRE cards were in ENG
09-Nov-2018 09:31pm - Pokemon official HK Facebook made a post announcing the distribution.
09-Nov-2018 09:32pm - Pokemon official TW Facebook made a post announcing the distribution.
09-Nov-2018 10:32pm - Rochi made a news post and tweeted at us (that's how I learnt the event was live)
09-Nov-2018 11:38pm - I noticed the FRE error cards were still online, and I subsequently did the physical redemption to prove it.
10-Nov-2018 02:40am - Joe tweeted that the pokemon.com/us reported on the common codes for the event.

At this point (10-Nov-2018 4:28am) the cards have not been fixed.They've been on the server for over 12 hours at this point.
From the earliest point that I know of that the distribution been running (Pokemon HK post), it's been slightly under 8 hours.

To be specific:
US region 3DS, Ultra Sun only, playing on French Language: Users receives the ENG card instead.


edit: In case the facebook post goes missing. (I also dumped the link into WaybackMachine)




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