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Archived Sticky: Event Contribution Collection


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Here is a collection of all of the contributions from the forums, and a few that were given to me by members of this site. Unfortunately I was unable to identify some of the people who contributed (sorry). If someone can provide links, then I will add their name in.

This information WILL go into the events site as well.

Contribution Names are being kept up by the forums. When the event site is up, everyone's names will appear there

Renamed CROWN Johto Beasts to WIN2011 where applicable.

Added Shiny WIN2011 German Entei

Still waiting for missing Korean Johto Beasts/Celebis

If anything is missing/wrong, please post, or PM me so I can fix it.

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Here is the itanlian regigias and the VGC french milotic 09 one they were originally uploaded by kelly.

Plus here is the VGC09 USA milotic


posted by Minamimoto

Thank you, but we do not want .pkm files we want .PGT & .PCD files only. (That is one of the reasons this thread was remade.)

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Also all of those listed are already in the contribution list. I will add Kelly's name appropriately.

Was there ever an Italian or Spanish VGC Milotic?

No, I am pretty sure that the VGC Milotics were only given out in the US, UK, France, and Germany.

I've yet to see anyone with an Italy or Spain Milotic nor has anyone claimed to own one.

P.S. So was the B-day Chimchar that Singe uploaded legal? I noticed you added checks for it in Legal.

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