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Using PKHeX: Loading and Saving

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24 minutes ago, giomarimp said:

hi, I'm having problem whit "open file", I'm playing emerald kaizo and the emulator is VBAm 2.1.4, when i try to open the save PKhex say "binary is not compatible whit save file. current save generation: 3" . I really don't know whick is the problem, thinking that 5 milion people haven't got problem and it was only my fault i've tried more than 2 hours but whitout results

PKHeX doesn’t cater to saves from ROM hacks. If they do load, it’s a sheer coincidence

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4 hours ago, Mayochup said:

when i try and open one of the pokemon files; pokemon omega ruby for example it keeps saying that the file is too big. what am i supposed to do about this?

If your PKHeX is up to date, and it says that, then you're not trying to open a save. You're trying to open something else. Get the proper save.

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I use PKHeX and i make some pokemons but i cant find how to copy+paste the save file to my main game (pokemon brilliant diamond ryujinx emulator).Every time i do it on the save location file it starts from the begining(i keep back up save fils from my main game) and when i put it with the other save files,nothing happens

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On 5/13/2021 at 6:34 PM, BlackShark said:

You need Custom Firmware (CFW) installed on your 3DS or at least a way to run homebrew to access your save files. They are encrypted so direct access is impossible.

Check the guide below about how to manage your 3DS save files.



On 11/16/2020 at 7:10 AM, Kaise08 said:

i have a problem when i try to put a file it says this idk why it says sword in the thing but it is like this since i downloade it (yesterday)

I'm using the mobile version and I can open the saved file and edit it but when I try to export it this pops up can someone please help me out hereScreenshot_20220604-180719.thumb.jpg.d573a5aa1463e69761c285d2efe9af46.jpg

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I am trying to transfer my pokemon from my black rom to a new black 2 game, but I can't get it to work. I opened both files in pokehex, dumped and imported my pokemon from black to black 2, but when I try to open the black 2 file with the pokemon from black the emulator is giving me two error messages:

1. The ROM header is invalid. The device size has been increased to allow for the provided file size.

2. sorry... right now , you can't use the default (stream rom from disk) with homebrew due to a bug with DLDI-autopatching

and then Desume stops responding and closes. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong and how to fix this?

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how do I open the new save file in my switch? Do I just boot it up? Do I have to choose the save file or sth? Oh, I forgot to add that I don't have the export main option.

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