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Using PKHeX: Introduction and Setup

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PKHeX is an open-source save file editor for the main series of Pokémon games, allowing you to transfer Pokémon data between saves, customize them to your liking, and much more. Before continuing, please be aware of our no-cheating policy. We will not assist you in cheating against unsuspecting opponents. As long as you agree to use your edits in appropriate situations, let's begin.


  • The ability to manage your save files.
    • Locate the appropriate guide in our tutorial section to learn how to manage your save files
  • A compatible computer
    • Windows with the .Net Framework 4.6.
    • Linux with the latest version of Mono
    • macOS Sierra or macOS High Sierra

What you need

For Windows or Linux with Mono:

  • PKHeX
    • For Windows, when you click Download, choose "PKHeX (versionNumber).zip"
    • For Linux, when you click Download, choose "PKHeX-mono (versionNumber).zip"

For Mac:

  • A way to extract 7-zip files such as Keka.
  • PKHeX for Mac
    • When you click Download, you can choose either of the two files, but if you want to have legality checking, do not download the one marked "Illegal Mode".
    • If you cannot get this to work after following these steps, refer to this guide for alternatives.

Starting PKHeX

For Windows and Linux with Mono:

  1. Extract the PKHeX zip file somewhere on your computer.
  2. Run PKHeX.exe
  3. Press "Yes" when prompted to create a backup folder. Then click OK.

For Mac:

  1. Extract the 7-zip file
  2. Run PKHeX.app (or PKHaX.app if you chose Illegal Mode)
  3. Press "Yes" when prompted to create a backup folder. Then click OK.

More sections of the tutorial coming soon.

View full tutorial

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So I have a question. When you are generating everything for PkHex, do you have to have the emulator shut off and the game not playing or can the game being playing in the background?

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