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HGSS 41h hex value : Shining Leaf


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I discovered that 41h hex value in HGSS is the shining leaf adress!

This is the list of values to set in 41h. The X is a "Shining Leaf".

Kotone/Hibiki give you the crown of shining leaf when you show her/him a pokemon with 5 SL and she/he will give you a star for your trainer card.

00 = 00000

01 = X0000

02 = 0X000

03 = XX000

04 = 00X00

05 = X0X00

06 = 0XX00

07 = XXX00

08 = 000X0

09 = X00X0

0A = 0X0X0

0B = XX0X0

0C = 00XX0

0D = X0XX0

0E = 0XXX0

0F = XXXX0

10 = 0000X

11 = X000X

12 = 0X00X

13 = XX00X

14 = 00X0X

15 = X0X0X

16 = 0XX0X

17 = XXX0X

18 = 000XX

19 = X00XX

1A = 0X0XX

1B = XX0XX

1C = 00XXX

1D = X0XXX

1E = 0XXXX


3F = CROWN / Wreath

If you show her/him a pokemon with the crown she won't give you the star.

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I discovered all values
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A pokemon can have up to five leaves but the game considers them different from each other so when you found one in one of the five routes determined by its nature the game assigns them to a predeterminated slot. Eg, a Bold pokemon can find leaves in routes 15, 24, 37, 42 and 46. You take it to route 46 but when it finds the leaf there it will be stored in the third slot so the game will turn the third bit of Byte 41h on (using the above notation it will change from --0-- to --X--). The Wreath uses the sixth bit of Byte 41h but does not turn the other bits off so it will be XXXXXX which is encoded as value 00111111b / 3Fh in Byte 41h.

By the way, The Aprishakes boosts are stored in Byte 87h (which cannot be edited by the current version of pokesav) but I cannot find a correlation between the values stored there and the boosts themselves, I think pokesav messes it up when reading or writing the pkm data. Can somebody with better skills look into it?

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Thanks to Wylfred and Greatfire for the explanation.

I discovered the shining leaf value whit pokesav when I checked my typhlosion to see its nature and I saw that 41h value was different from my Garchomp and Arcanine.

This is my first discovery and I'm not an hacker so I can try to find the 87h values but I don't assure that I'll discover somethink.

Pokethlon is very funny so I think that find the values will be very useful.

Sorry for my bad english.

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So a Pokémon that hasn't found a shining leaf will always have 00 as the 41h?

Also, will further research on this eventually lead to which of the 5 slots for each routes for each nature will mark an X? I think that's a bit extensive, but it's a bit important. I think I can help with that or something... I just need to know how many Pokémon of each nature I should have (because there's a large number of combinations)... I might also do some self-comparing for a while once I get to finish my SS again.

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