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  1. Worked for me. Also, I did not need to exit the PC to make the injected pokemon appear, just being on a different box or changing to another and back is enough in my game.
  2. Another bug with the sprites: Frillish, Jellicent, Pyroar and Meowstic always appear as their male forms, even if they are female.
  3. Your Windows does not display unicode characters, try installing the japanese language pack View a normal one from Platinum then on the Main Tab press the small star button to the left of the PID and Set it in a box. PS: I am serious, only a Platinum Shaymin can be Shiny, once the PID is changed to be shiny it should be able to be traded online. Mine is.
  4. There is an event that will start to run on the 26th for the Eon Ticket, which will allow you to catch Latias in Omega Ruby and Latios in Alpha Sapphire and they, probably, have the Soul Dew. The problem is that the original distribution for the Ticket will be only for a few players in a special invitation-only event in the UK (for European games), in a limited distribution in the New York Nintendo World Store (for American games) and as a code in the current Coro Coro magazine in Japan (for Japanese games) It is also announced that, at least in the USA, it will be obtainable at future Play! Pokémon events. The good part is that an original owner can share it with other players using StreetPass but that doesn't help you if you don't live nowhere near one of those places and/or you don't meet with an original owner, like players in Australia, South America, Continental Europe and Mainland Asia. Those people hope that, even if an original owner does not step foward and share the wonder card data at least one of the receptors will do it, so, with a compatible editor, it could be replicated in their games and be given to those players around themselves.
  5. It is a Micro USB, don't worry.
  6. Because the download is an *.exe file the browser warns you and blocks it by default. You must allow it to be saved manually. Also Windows will probably block it too.
  7. Thank you very much for your efforts. If you want to help make some of the current unobtainble pokemon and trade them away, a lot of people keep asking for them. It will also create a bit of chaos in the GTS. As a safeguard (or if you want to spread even more chaos) make some Diancie, Volcanion, and Hoopa and trade them without telling anyone.
  8. A pokemon can have up to five leaves but the game considers them different from each other so when you found one in one of the five routes determined by its nature the game assigns them to a predeterminated slot. Eg, a Bold pokemon can find leaves in routes 15, 24, 37, 42 and 46. You take it to route 46 but when it finds the leaf there it will be stored in the third slot so the game will turn the third bit of Byte 41h on (using the above notation it will change from --0-- to --X--). The Wreath uses the sixth bit of Byte 41h but does not turn the other bits off so it will be XXXXXX which is encoded as value 00111111b / 3Fh in Byte 41h. By the way, The Aprishakes boosts are stored in Byte 87h (which cannot be edited by the current version of pokesav) but I cannot find a correlation between the values stored there and the boosts themselves, I think pokesav messes it up when reading or writing the pkm data. Can somebody with better skills look into it?
  9. The proper value for the Wreath is 3F
  10. Fresh news: 0x41h is the golden leaves. One bit for each one. Some values 01= The first. 02= The second. 03= The first and the second. 1F=All five. 20 or higher= The Golden Wreath.
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