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What is with theSLAYER's present avatar?


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@JISN[064] (I moved your thread, because off-topic lol)

Also for the sake of  future readers, I'm attaching the image below, as it is important.
No image = no context.
impossible shellos2.png

Now, to my explanation:


It is the lost forme of Shellos, and it is getting triggered that GameFreak didn't take the chance to have it in Alola as an Alolan forme or something.
theSLAYER continues to rage.

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  • theSLAYER changed the title to What is with theSLAYER's present avatar?

shellos.gif and shellos-east.gif are formes that have been used since Diamond and Pearl.

However found within the game's data, are unused back sprites that shows unused formes for Shellos and Gastrodon. (front sprites not found)

The front of Shellos is easy to recreate (since it appears to be a fusion of West and East formes)

Having more difficulties with Gastrodon:


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15 minutes ago, Taargüs Taargüs said:

Oh man, you're right,  using it as an Alolan form would have been perfect. 


And even if they wanted to get cute with it and keep it somewhat "hidden,"  they could have had that be the forme you get from US/UM's trade, no? You could breed for more after that.  

Yeah, precisely! Oh well, Pokemon designs of an existing Pokemon from the development stages, rarely get split to form a new Pokemon.

I mean, Honoguma (lit. Fire Bear) makes sense as a Typhlosion pre-evo, since Typhlosion, being a Honey Badger, is pretty "bear-like".
However, they never split it off as another Pokemon, and was never seen ever again.

The only other instance that development design became two Pokemon (besides the dummy shellos), is probably this:

This pretty much looks exactly like a Blaziken and Latios/Latias fusion.

Given that they had many Torchic's design in mind, I have no doubt that this was probably meant to be Torchic's evolution.
At some point, the dev's thought "hey, instead of Fire/Psychic or Fire/Flying, why don't we make the first Fire/Fighting final evo of the Fire/Fighting plague that we are about to embark on, and make the Jet design into a roamer legendary mechanic we wanna bring over from GSC", and everything after that was history.

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2 minutes ago, Purin said:

Reported for harassment.

Quickly flashing images trigger seizures and this is not funny.

I apologize on @JISN[064]'s behalf, since it was my display picture that started this,
and I don't think the user fully understood what you meant at the time of posting.
Given state of present affairs, I'm locking this thread to stop it from spiraling out of control.

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