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ultra wormholes Circle Pad or Motion Controls?

Ultra Warp-ride Poll  

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  1. 1. Circle Pad or Motion Controls

    • Circle Pad
    • Motion Controls
    • Don't care for the mini-game
    • What is Ultra Warp-ride? (not sarcasm)

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Okay, so since this is my first topic, I decided that I would see which controls people prefer when traveling through the Ultra Wormholes; Circle Pad or Motion Controls. 


Now I've tried both, though I'm more used to the Motion Controls, but my friend on my bus prefers the Circle Pad.


Now before I let you guys decide, in case anyone doesn't know how to switch the controls, there's a guy in the Game Freak department in Hau'oli City who will allow you to switch the controls at anytime.

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I've added a poll, for clarity sake.

Circle Pad FTW! Motion Controls seems a bit hard to control, and seems to lose sync rather quickly across my 3DS's.

Circle Pad however, allows me to play in any position. Seated, lying down, etc.

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