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  1. oh ok thanks and that means i cannot battle with them unless i finish the game
  2. hello i needed help the pokemons i added using pkhex in my team are just ignoring me and falling a sleep what do i do even their effection is full but the do not do what i say
  3. oh no i was playing pokemon sun sry for the trouble and thanks
  4. HAY ANY ONE KNOWS whats wrong with my gave i finished the game caught all the ubs have solgelao and lunala entered the battle tree but still the guy over the game freak office never comes is it because i am playing pokemon sun or something can anyone say me what should i do
  5. oh i got it thanks verymuch bro it was really a help -mod merge 1- but they are not allowing me to save it to the main file can u say what happen i did not change anything i changed the pkhex to sun and added the demo greyninja file the tick came but... -mod merge 2- isthere something els i have to do or i made a mistake
  6. ya it said sword what shoul i do to make it to sun sry what should i do to make it sun
  7. can u please send me all the main,met stats and others picture so i can copy i have a bug maby they show invalid: fateful encounter should not be checked and 2 more things also invalid:unable to match mystery gift to database and invalid:invalid transferrien from diffrent generation
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