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Battle Tree Pokémon Collection


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Well, while trying to scout trainers, I dump their Pokémon in order to see if they've brought good sets in their 1st and 2nd slots, so I've seen plenty of them. Though lately I've been overwriting a single file in order to keep my desktop clean, the first times I did it I made each dumped Mon an individual file. Since I keep my recycle bin with whatever I've sent there just in case I'm gonna need it someday, they were still in there. Here they are:

It should be noted that:

  • These Pokémon have preset natures, IVs, EVsmovesets and items, but their genders, abilities and PIDs are generated at the moment you encounter them. In other words, if you find one of the sets I uploaded elsewhere and that data differs, they should still be valid Battle Tree sets.
  • Whereas some trainers share the exact same sets for some Pokémon, their Balls may differ due to their classes.
  • Some of these Mons will have "Sun." as their OT because they were dumped from recorded battles, but some others shouldn't have an OT at all due to being dumped directly from the actual battle. That's not an error.
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9 hours ago, cicciochiave said:

Simply using pk3DS, I have dumped two text files with trainers and pokemon from the Battle Tree.

Every pokemon has a number and next to the trainer there are the numbers of the pokemon that he/she can use.

Maybe it can be useful. 


Tree Pokemon.txt

Tree Trainers.txt

Didn't actually know pk3DS did this, I just scraped Serebii for the Battle Tree Pages but this might be easier


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Wrath, I snagged this file a long time ago. See if this helps you, as it certainly helped me identify some of the sets that these Pokemon use in the Battle facilities. Granted, cicciochiave already uploaded corresponding text files, but I hope it is useful. Formatting may be atrocious but you may edit it as desired.

Battle Tree + Battle Royal Data.xlsx


Note: Regarding Ruby's reacts: I just put Confused because it had Froakie in it, not because I am actually confused.

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