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SM- Korean Lillie's Alolan Vulpix


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Google Translate has a function that allows one to "handwrite" (aka draw the ideograph).
I'll be doing that cause I have a bit of excess time right now.


2017년 8월 22일, 투니버스에서 NEW 에피드 방영예정!
On August 22, 2017, NEW episode will be aired on Tooniverse!

방영결정 기념으로 릴리에의 하양이 선물정!
As a commemorative decision to commemorate the airing, the gift of Lily's gift is!
(릴리에의 하양이 translates to Lily's Hayang, which probably means Lillie's Vulpix is the gift)

방송사의 사정에 따라질 수 있슴니다.
It can be done according to the circumstances of the broadcasters.


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Lol you guys.

It is just saying as a commemoration (기념) for the new episode (you're missing a 소 there Slayer) on Tooniverse they are giving away Lillie's Vulpix as a gift. (하양이 means "white (thing)", pronounced Ha-yang-i, which is what I call my white chicken). I'm assuming it is a nickname.

The finer liner after is saying "the schedule can change depending on circumstances of the broadcasters".

More details can be found at http://www.pokemonkorea.co.kr/

I guess if you want me to look there I will.

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Shiron eh? Yeah sounds about right! I do not know an equivalent in English so I said thing. When we say hayangi, it usually is like a pet name for some white, I guess animal/creature/sentient being. Some people call their white cat hayangi for example. I did that to my white chicken as opposed to my black chicken, which we call 까망이 (kkamangi). The 이 thing at the end I guess is like the n in shiron, because shiro would be the actual word for white, and would refer to animal or whatever.

I looked at the site, there is nothing about it yet. It still talks about the Turtonator as latest news for the GAME section. Maybe it is too soon for the details. Where was that picture from OP from? Naver returns nothing of this either but cute pics of Lillie and Vulpix.

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하양이 is very cute. Just another Vulpix to train for me. Nothing special about her though. Just level 10 Vulpix with Powder Snow and ability seems to always be just regular Snow Cloak. She holds Silk Scarf and is locked with Classic Ribbon and inside a Precious Ball. Is Fateful Encounter and from "Pokemon Animation". The gender seems always locked to female and nature seems to be locked to Modest as well, as many soft resets indicate. I know it's 75% female, but seeing it is a story character, I am sure female is just locked. IVs seem randomised though, I kept checking. Nothing else to note.

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