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Project Pokémon has Blogs now. Blogs are areas that you control, where you set the topic and can post pretty much whatever you like: opinions, hobbies, rants, or anything else you can think of. We ask, but do not require, that you use the forums for on-topic things.

I've started one where I can post updates about the development of Sky Editor, and I intend to create one soon where Project Pokémon staff can share sneak-peaks of future additions to the site.


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5 minutes ago, evandixon said:

We had blogs in the old system?

That probably says something about how accessible that feature was.

It was only mentioned in the footer of the forums main page like "Latest blog entry: <link to that>". There were like 5 entries iirc.

It is definitely better to have it in the tabs right on top of the page.

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