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Slice    0

To put things short: I'm making different roms on all games which all have the 1/257 shiny odds (FF instead of 08) to be able to do a shiny badgequest race in about a day. People on this forum have been very helpful providing the right offset to change in the arm9.bin to get the 1/257 odds for hg/ss (and that rom works beautifully for a BQ, tested and working) but i can't seem to find offsets for any other roms (my main project is White 2 now).

Could anyone shed some light on this? 

Also i really wonder how you guys find these things.


Thank you so much



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Vladcik    11

I did that on every game except 1G and 6G. To help you :

Offset on White 2 is THE SAME as Black 2, and this is findable here.

For 2G/3G, it's all about ASM. So you need to learn that before, it's not just offsets. You have to understand how to edit games, compiling asm scripts etc, before trying anything. There's a Shiny's Chance Tool somwehere here / projectpokemon but not working well. (not good shiny rate)

For 6G, not doable at all as far as I know

For 7G you need a CFW 3DS and NTR with plugin cheat for editing the Shiny Rate.

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