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[Gen 1] EUROPE Mew (Denmark event Mew)

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Hello everyone,

I bring you a Gen 1 legit European Mew. Some months ago I found a very old webpage on which someone was showcasing the data for his legit Mew and Celebi. The page was last updated on 2003 but the site was a little active, so I tried the contact mail that was there to ask about those Mew and Celebi. Long story short, the Celebi was gone due to battery dying, but the Mew was still in his red cartridge. I asked the owner, Michael, if he would agree to send me his cartridge to backup the save, then send him back, and luckily he trusted me and everything went fine, so here's Michael's savegame:

Download (savegame for english red, will work in any non japanese red/blue): Red.sav

The Mew is at level 100 (Michael didn't keep it untrained), but it is easy for anyone interested to revert it back to distribution state with pkhex: just set level to 5, set EVs to 0 and set moves 2, 3 and 4 to "None".
The Mew has the standard DV used for gen 1 distributions (HP:5, ATK:10, DEF:1, SPEED:12, SPECIAL:5), so there's really not much special about it, except if being one of the ones distribute in Europe. This is how Michael obtained the Mew:


The giveaway was arranged by Bergsala, the Nintendo distributor in Denmark, through the official Nintendo magazine they were running at the time. They had us send in the cartridge, and then they put a Mew on the cartridge. They did it in two rounds; one was a limited giveaway where approx. 30 people were selected in a contest (I was one of them), and then a general distribution later on with the same method.

Michael wanted to stay anonymous, so that's why I won't reveal any more data or the website I found and used to stablish contact with him. I'm really grateful, specially because he trusted an unknown person and sent me his cartridge in the hope I would send it back, so if you ever read this, thank you yet again Michael!

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4 hours ago, coltonsmogon said:

Can anyone send this particular Mew to the event gallery please? Since you're doing the Gens 1/2 Event Gallery uploads, @theSLAYER, you could add this Mew while you're at it...

Yeah I'll upload it soon



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