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Sun Moon TID Field


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With Sun and Moon, the ID in the display screen is not present anywhere, to my knowledge, in PkHex.

It must be calculated from the otherwise invisible TID and SID that is displayed.

Since I use this program for sorting and listing, it would be very helpful to have this field visible.

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Trainer ID and Secret ID is Trainer Information..I too wish they could make it more obvious than putting the info under "trainer info". Guys could you please make a size 25 font ID and SID editor and make it flash yellow, red, and orange, more seizure inducing flashes the better.. :$

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TID and SID of the Pokemon, easy to find.

TID and SID of trainer, is in aptly named trainer info, also easy to find.

G7TID, just hover over it.

There's documentation on the G7TID calculation, example here:

Or if you googled it:

The very first link from us explains it:

It's not that hard. don't expect people to spoon feed you.


It's a calculation, so we still display and use TID SID, as it's used for other calculations as well,
as as shininess.

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